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Meet Lisa

Lisa Bryan 5-1

Hi there. I’m Lisa…a real food lover, certified health coach, world traveler and motivator vibrant living. I’m on a mission to help you slow down to regain your health and wellness. And toss fatigue, burnout and stress out the window. ‘Cause there’s no room for that where we’re going!

Sometimes We Go So Fast We Don’t Know How We Got Here

Downshift: To reduce the speed, rate or intensity.
Ology: The study or science of something.

You can think of Downshiftology as the study of a better, more fulfilling life. But really, it’s the sweet spot between health, lifestyle and happiness. Helping you slow down in a world that’s faster than a speeding bullet. Allowing you to notice more of the small things. Because sometimes those small things can be life altering.

So How Do I Know a Thing or Two?

In the span of two years, starting at age 35, I was diagnosed with four autoimmune diseases. First Celiac Disease, then Hashimotos, then Psoriasis and finally Endometriosis.

Holy moly. How is this possible?

I was a corporate warrior going down the path of cataclysmic burnout. I had followed the path laid out before me – get a good education, work long hours and rise up through the ranks. And I did. In the healthcare industry no less! Oh, the irony. Yet I ignored all the little whispers of my body along the way.

Fatigue – I just need more coffee.
Stress – Some candy/soda/alcohol will fix that.
Sleep – I’ll do that tomorrow.

Until I got slapped upside the head, four times over.

Navigating Past Disease to the New Path of Wellness

With my background in healthcare I soaked up everything I could about autoimmune and chronic diseases like a sponge. Then I started connecting the dots. The result? Two “a-ha’s.” First, while our genes are important, our lifestyle is more so. And second, increased inflammation in the body is bad (from food, stress or otherwise.)

But I only had to look at my circle of girlfriends to see this in epidemic proportions. They’re a talented bunch of corporate warriors, passionate entrepreneurs and mom-of-all-trades. They may have taken different paths, but they have one thing in common – they’re burned out!

And suffering from depression, autoimmune diseases, infertility, hormone issues, chronic migraines, skin problems and mental breakdowns in droves. They visit doctors for answers…and only receive pills in return.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

The connection between stress, sleep and nutrition…to health, energy and happiness is stronger than crazy glue. Little tweaks can have massive impact. With a little bit of work and whole lotta self-love, you can reverse what ails you and regain your radiant life. I’ve lived this change. I’ve gone through the journey. And I’m passionate about guiding you through your own transformation.

With a Journey, You End Up Further Along Than Where You Started

It’s ok to do a life restart. In fact, I champion it! You might be a little scared. I get that. But don’t let fear prevent you from living the life you were meant to live. I left my corporate job, over-hauled my diet, learned how to breathe (really breathe) and became reacquainted with my former adventurous self.

Today, I nourish my body and mind with real food. I connect with girlfriends and nature. I practice self-care and meditation. I laugh as much as humanely possible. And *drumroll*…I’ve never felt better!

But the proof is in the proverbial pudding. Change doesn’t happen overnight. But slowly and surely it does happen. I’m happy to report that after two years, my Celiac antibodies no longer exist on lab results. Ta-da! My Hashimoto’s is under control. My Psoriasis is virtually gone. And my Endometriosis no longer plagues me. I’ve been healing from the inside out, using food and lifestyle changes as medication.

I’ve become a pretty darn good autoimmune tamer!

So if you’ve been reading and thinking, “hmmm, this sounds familiar”… know that you too can break this dastardly chronic disease cycle. And I’m here to support you along the way.

What’s Next? Join the Community!

Thank you for taking the time to read through my story. I’m so happy you’re here…and I’d love to get to know you!

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Let’s make the rest of our lives, the best of our lives.

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Professional Bio

Lisa Bryan is a real food lover, certified health coach, world traveler and motivator for vibrant living. She believes that wellness is a journey and simplicity is not boring. As the founder of she helps others connect the dots between health, lifestyle and happiness. 

After experiencing extreme fatigue, rashes and other seemingly innocuous symptoms, Lisa was ultimately diagnosed with four autoimmune diseases in two years. Yet these diagnoses didn’t come easy. Three out of four of those diseases were her own findings after doctors initially dismissed her symptoms as “not classical” to textbook definitions. 

Prior to founding, Lisa was an accomplished marketing executive for healthcare and biotechnology companies where she gained valuable insight into genomics and cutting-edge science. With this background and ability to connect the dots, Lisa quickly identified the overlooked and gaping hole in modern healthcare – simple prevention and a focus on wellness. Stress, poor diet and lack of sleep were triggering disease on a grand scale. 

Lisa is now an impassioned advocate for those with chronic or autoimmune diseases and believes the best medicine encompasses health and lifestyle transformations. She inspires countless women to restart their lives, take action for positive change and make each day count.