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Wholesome gluten-free recipes that prioritize fresh, seasonal ingredients.

(dairy-free) Turmeric milk "golden milk" is a healthy, healing drink loaded with anti-inflammatory compounds.

Turmeric Milk “Golden Milk” (dairy-free)

December 7, 2016

When it comes to healthy, healing drinks, Turmeric milk (“golden milk”) is tops on the list, given it’s potent anti-inflammatory…

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Red wine hot chocolate. The ultimate rich and decadent holiday drink.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

November 12, 2016

The ultimate holiday drink, this red wine hot chocolate is rich and decadent. It’s topped with homemade marshmallows and a…

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Limoncello prosecco with blueberries and thyme. The perfect summer cocktail.

Limoncello Prosecco with Blueberries and Thyme

August 24, 2016

This limoncello prosecco cocktail is perfect for any celebration. It’s just the right amount of sparkling lemony goodness, plus blueberries…

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(dairy-free, vegan, paleo) Cashew Date Shake. Inspired by the classic date shakes from Palm Springs, California.

Cashew Date Shake (vegan, paleo)

July 31, 2016

As a California girl I’m a date shake lover. And this version, while dairy-free, vegan and paleo, tastes exactly like…

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Spiked coconut cherry float (dairy-free, vegan). The perfect cocktail or summertime drink with just a smidge of alcohol.

Spiked Coconut Cherry Float

June 14, 2016

This spiked coconut cherry float is creamy, dairy-free, sweet and slightly boozy. Perfect for any summer party or gathering. I’m…

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(dairy-free, vegan, paleo) Sexy superfood hot chocolate. A nutrient-packed hot chocolate that's made with raw cacao, maca powder and goji berries.

Sexy Superfood Hot Chocolate

March 5, 2016

This sexy superfood hot chocolate is loaded with tons of superfood ingredients – it will boost your health, mood, hormones…

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Almond orange smoothie. A great dairy-free, breakfast smoothie.

Almond Orange Smoothie

February 5, 2016

A five ingredient, delicious almond orange smoothie that uses in-season citrus. It’s simple yet packed with flavor and nutrients. Simple can…

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(dairy-free, vegan, paleo) Chai spiced coconut milk. A warm, fragrant and delicious winter beverage.

Chai Spiced Coconut Milk (dairy-free)

January 13, 2016

This chai spiced coconut milk is like hug in a mug. The warming chai spices will heat you from the…

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Golden Beet, Carrot and Turmeric Smoothie. A sweet, antioxidant and nutrient-packed smoothie with disease-fighting turmeric.

Golden Beet, Carrot and Turmeric Smoothie

August 30, 2015

This is one power packed, vision-boosting, gut-healing golden beet, carrot and turmeric smoothie. It’s loaded with beta carotene and nutrients….

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