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Clean & Fresh Pantry Makeover

clean and fresh pantry makeoverProgram Description

Your kitchen and pantry are the building blocks of healthy nutrition. Yet over time, unhealthy foods creep in and your pantry starts to look less than stellar. “Spring cleaning” your pantry with delicious, nutrient-dense foods is the ultimate way to kick-start your wellness!

Together, we’ll sift through nutrition fact and fiction, cut through label confusion and discuss healthy alternatives appropriate for you dietary needs and lifestyle. You’ll not only gain confidence in the kitchen, you’ll learn about foods that nourish you, provide optimal vitamins/nutrients and make you feel vibrant.

The in-home visit is coupled with a grocery tour where I’ll guide you in purchasing real, wholesome and enjoyable food. We’ll navigate the food aisles, discuss healthy meal preparations and distinguish real food from “food like” products.

With a clean pantry, tailored food selection and nutritional understanding, you’ll be well equipped to create delicious, healthy and energizing recipes.


What you can expect

An in-home visit where we’ll discuss your objectives for healthy living and food preferences. We’ll spend an hour assessing your pantry and refrigerator, deciphering food labels and ingredients and reviewing grocery guides, before heading to your local grocery store. During the grocery tour, I’ll guide you on purchasing nutrient-dense foods and introduce you to healthier alternatives for optimal health. You’ll receive guides, handouts and other materials for reference.

What’s included

  • One 60 minute in-home visit and consultation
  • One 75 minute trip trip to your local grocery store
  • One 15 minute follow-up (via phone or Skype) + Q&A
  • Grocery shopping lists and pantry guides
  • Nutritional handouts and other materials
  • Recipe ideas based on your dietary needs

Program price


*Note: This program is only available for clients located in Los Angeles/Orange County. If you’re interested but located outside of this area, please contact me for customized pricing. 

Yes, sign me up!

Hooray! You’ve taken the first towards improving your health, wellness and happiness. A big congrats! Please take a moment to answer the following questions. A member of the Downshiftology team will reply within 24 hours to schedule your appointment. Let’s do this!

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