5 Gluten-Free Travel Snacks That Are Healthy


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5 snacks for healthy, gluten-free travel. These items are my "go to" gluten-free travel snacks. | www.downshiftology.com

When it comes to healthy, gluten-free travel snacks, I find that I always rely on the same “go-to” items. Products that are always in my backpack or purse (not in checked luggage) whenever I pack for a plane, train, bus or ship. In other words, gluten-free travel snacks that get me through my transit time, in-route to my destination.

You guys know I’m a proponent of home-cooked (or home-prepared) meals and healthy, gluten-free travel. And on my most recent trip to Lisbon (yes, I’m sitting here in my Lisbon apartment with my feet up on the couch as I write this)…I packed a delicious kale, fennel and clementine salad, as well as mixed berries and homemade trail mix (recipes all from Roaming Free). Needless to say, my meal at 35,000 feet was quite tasty!

But I did also pack the items you see pictured. A combination of healthy proteins, carbs, fats…and yes, chocolate. Okay, so maybe this post should be titled 4 Gluten-Free Travel Snacks that are Really Healthy + One Sweet Treat. But what fun is traveling without a small, sweet treat (that also keeps you from over-indulging in far worse items in the airport magazine shop, right?).

So here are my top 5 healthy, real food, gluten-free travel snacks:

1. Epic Bars and Bites

Epic bars and bites (think, bite-sized jerky) are high protein snacks made from quality sources, like 100% grass-fed beef or wild-caught Alaskan salmon. And the herbs, spices and flavors? Delicious! My personal faves are bison bacon cranberry bar, uncured bacon bar and salmon sea salt and pepper bar.

2. Lara Bar

Lara Bars are fruit and nut bars and come in every flavor you could imagine. All ingredients are from whole foods, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you bite into one. I always grab the apple pie, blueberry muffin, lemon or coconut cream pie…but they’ve now got organic superfood bars as well. Try the hazelnut, hemp and cacao – yum!

3. Wild Planet Tuna

Wild Planet tuna (and sardines) are high-quality sources of protein, essential nutrients and omega-3’s, which keeps you energized and healthy while traveling! All seafood is 100% sustainably caught using pole and troll fishing methods. And when you open a can, you literally get a chunk of fresh tuna steak, not mushy mystery meat, as you’ll find from other brands. Bonus? The single serve pouches are awesome for travel.

4. Chia Shots

Chia shots are a brilliant way to get that extra boost of fiber, protein and omega-3’s when traveling. They’re great for digestion (priority #1 when traveling) and the individual packets are perfect to sprinkle on salads, smoothies or yogurt. You can also mix them in your favorite nut milk or coconut milk for a simple chia pudding meal.

5. Alter Eco Truffles

I’m not gonna lie, Alter Eco salted caramel truffles are seriously the best chocolate truffle out there (just a smidge in front of the sea salt truffles, which are also divine). Their bite-sized deliciousness makes them perfectly portion controlled, which is always a benefit when traveling. I’ll take one or two on a flight for that perfect sweet nibble…which always makes me happy. All Alter Eco truffles and bars are fair trade and organic, so enjoy the luxury!

What are your favorite healthy, gluten-free travel snacks? Share in the comments below!

For tons more gluten-free travel tips, advice, recipes and wanderlust inspiration, check out Roaming Free.

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    1. I always take raw cashews as well, but I haven’t tried Good2Go bars…will have to look those up! Thanks Liz! :) x