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2019 Holiday Gift Guide

My annual holiday gift guide is back! I know that gifting season can be nerve-wracking for sometimes. But today I’m here to help with hand-picked items that I know will bring smiles on Christmas day. Plus, they’re items that I personally love and use on a daily basis.

From the kitchen gadget obsessed, to the cozy minimalist, to the splurger, to the cookbook lover, these curated gift guides will give you all sorts of ideas. Lucky for you, most of these items are straight from Amazon or retailers with access to quick shipping. Simply save them in your cart just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now let’s get a head start on planning!

Holiday gifts for the kitchen gadget obsessed.

For the Kitchen Gadget Obsessed

Do you need to buy a gift for that person who gets excited about quirky kitchen tools? Well, here’s a list of items that I guarantee they will use right away once they open your gift.

  • Measuring Spoons + Magnetic Measuring Cups: I use these for almost every single recipe, plus they stack nicely and save room in your kitchen drawer with the magnetic design.
  • Kitchen Aid Mini Food Processor : This is great for someone with a smaller kitchen, or for someone who just needs to create a recipe of smaller size.
  • Cast Iron Tortilla Press: For the friend that likes to hand-make everything.
  • Instant Pot : Another time saver when it comes to making quick and easy throw-together dinners.
  • Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer : This mixer will create the creamiest consistency – a kitchen must!
  • Souper Cubes : An essential gadget for freezing soups! Will definitely come in handy during the winter time.
  • Mandoline : This easy to use gadget will make slicing vegetables a whole lot easier.
  • Paderno Spiralizer: A veggie lover’s best friend in the kitchen. This will allow them to create countless recipes with tons of vegetables.
  • Crock Pot Slow Cooker: The perfect kitchen tool for creating hearty recipes all in one pot. Just let it sit, simmer, and serve.
  • Chemex Coffee Maker: Bring the aroma and taste of your favorite coffee shop right into your own home with this timeless and elegant coffee maker.
  • Milk Frother: Skip the $5 latte and make your own right at home with this frother.
  • Tea Kettle: My favorite tea kettle of all time that I use daily for my teas. It’s simple to use and minimal looking.

List of holiday gifts for the minimalist home and plants.

For the Cozy Minimalist and Plant lover

Do you have that friend that’s a homebody, loves interior design, and obsessed with plants? This gift guide will cover all those personalities.

  • Matcha Powder + Matcha Whisk: For the ultimate matcha lover. I use this powder and whisk almost every other day to make a matcha latte right at home.
  • Essential Oil Diffuser + Lavender Essential Oil: This handcrafted ceramic diffuser isn’t just beautiful, but includes a few unique settings that make it a quality product.
  • Microgreens Kit: After growing several batches, I have to say this is the most convenient and fun way to grow your microgreens.
  • 3 Tier Iris Planter: Can’t decide on just one plant? This 3 tier planter is perfect for saving space and acts as an art piece in my opinion.
  • Organic Wool Dryer Balls: Straight from New Zealand, this is a green and efficient laundry drying solution. They’re re-usable over and over.
  • Triangle Lattice Throw Pillow: This throw pillow is the perfect way to add some subtle modern design to your sofa.
  • Beachcomber Round Baskets: Handwoven from sustainable and natural fibers, these are ideal for the plant lovers and home organizers.
  • Pencil Succulent: Your plant lover will be fooled by this lifelike plant! It’s delicate leaves and white vase make for a beautiful indoor decor.
  • Adra Vase + Rati Vase: I have these sitting right on my dining table. They’re a great accent to any room in the house.
  • Essex Servers: For people who love hosting dinner parties, these white marble servers are essential. And are absolutely gorgeous I might add.
  • Cable Knit Throw Blanket: Winter days means cuddling on the couch with this soft, 100% organic cotton throw. A gift you can never go wrong with.
  • Glass Shadow Boxes: With a gold finish frame and linen lining, these glass cases are beautiful and multi functional as decor or a jewelry holder.

List of holiday gifts for the person who likes to splurge in the kitchen and home.

For the Kitchen and Home Splurger 

We all have that friend or family member that likes to invest in quality, timeless pieces. Whether it be for cooking or for the home, these pieces will sit nicely with the rest of their classic collections.

  • All Clad Cookware Set: This stainless steel set is one I swear by and use for the majority of my recipes. I highly recommend for someone who is looking for a new set of cookware.
  • Vitamix A3500 Blender: If you have a friend that has been dying to make tons of my recipes, but didn’t have a Vitamix – now is the perfect time to treat them to one of my essential kitchen appliances.
  • Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer: To blend with ease for many baking recipes, this standing mixer is one of my favorites.
  • Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven: When it comes to cooking and boiling ingredients, this enameled cast iron oven is great. It locks in moisture and evenly distributes heat.
  • Boos Walnut Cutting Board: Probably one of the best wooden cutting boards I could ever recommend! Made from sustainable black walnut wood, it provides a surface that makes chopping ingredients a breeze.
  • Le Creuset Braiser: An enameled cast iron braiser that’s uniquely designed to transform tough cuts of meat and hearty vegetables into tender, flavorful dishes.
  • Knife Block Set: A high quality set of knives in the kitchen is a must, and you can’t go wrong with these. It comes with a variety of blade options. And each knife has a perfect grip, making it easy to use.
  • Alden Wooden Bar Stools: These modern rustic bar stools are great for elevating any kitchen or dining area. They’ve got a gorgeous wooden bucket seat and an industrial steel base.
  • Frame Medium Coffee Table: This coffee table is perfect for adding modern warmth to a living room with its earth wooden texture against metal framing.
  • Organic Cotton Sheet Set: A beautiful and luxurious sheet set that is made from 100% organic cotton. And I have to say, it feels like I’m sleeping on a cloud everyday.
  • Staub 6.25 QT Round Cocotte: Another beautiful enameled cast iron pot that’s perfect for slow cooking meats and veggies and simmering hearty stews.
  • Organic Spa Robes: Who doesn’t love throwing on a bath robe in the comfort of your own home? These cozy, soft, and warm robes are made from 100% environmentally friendly organic cotton.

List of the best cookbooks for holiday gifts.

For the Cookbook Lover

Know someone that has quite the collection of cookbooks? Some may treat it as a coffee table book or use it as a daily inspiration for cooking. Either way, I’ve hand selected a few of my favorite books that just came out this year.

While some may not be gluten-free, they provide so many fresh ideas when it comes to clean and simple eating.

  • The Defined Dish by Alex Snodgrass: Beautiful ideas for healthy and wholesome weeknight recipes.
  • No Crumbs Left: Recipes For Everyday Food Made Marvelous by Teri Turner: If you’re on the road to discover new flavors and spice combinations, Teri is your woman.
  • The Wholesome Yum Keto Cookbook by Maya Krampf: This book is great for those who are on the keto diet or looking for recipes that are low-carb.
  • Ottolenghi Simple: A Cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi: Chef Ottolenghi has always been a huge inspiration for me when it comes to cooking. He uses minimal, clean ingredients to create simple meals that have an aroma of Middle-Eastern flavors. A favorite in the Downshiftology kitchen!
  • Love And Lemons Everyday by Jeanine and Jack: Not only is this book beautifully designed, but is a great source for healthier eating made easy.
  • Whole Food Cooking Everyday by Amy Chaplin: This is a vegan cookbook that shares amazing recipes incorporating ingredients that are key to a healthy diet.
  • The Skinnytaste Cookbook by Gina Homolka: If low-calorie is your family member’s main objective, this is the book for them! Gina will walk you through easy, flavorful recipes that uses simple ingredients.
  • The Clean Plate by Gwyneth Paltrow: Known for her simple yet quality recipes, Gwyneth is always an inspiration meals that offer taste and health benefits.
  • Super Food in Minutes by Donal Skehan: This book consists of quick and easy recipes at it’s best! Using just 10 ingredients or fewer, Skehan will teach you his simple cooking methods and and tips for healthy eating.
  • The Healthnut Cookbook by Nikole Goncalves: Have a busy friend who needs quick, easy and delicious meals on the weekday? Turn to this book for over 100 delicious recipes.
  • Cannelle et Vanille by Aran Goyoaga: Aran has created a selection of family-friendly, gluten-free meals that cater to all sorts of moods. With the gorgeous photography and unique recipes, this is a great inspirational book.
  • Vegetables Unleashed by José Andrés: Spanish-American chef, José Andrés, will show you the ins and outs of fresh produce and how you can make the most out of vegetables of all kinds.

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  1. I’ve searched your site for a knife sharpening video. I do not see one. I would love to know your thoughts on the best knife sharpener and how you maintain your knives. In my family knife maintenance was always left to the men. I think dad was trying to protect us from getting cut. But now I find myself wishing I had this skill. My husband was using an electric one that he loves and I’ve cut my finger for the LAST time. I think it ruined the knives edge! So I ordered my own knives and I intend to maintain them myself.

    • Hi Jessica – up until recently, I’ve had my knives professionally sharpened at Sur La Table. I hone them regularly myself, but sharpen about once or year or as needed. I did recently buy a whetstone to sharpen them myself, but I’m still practicing. ;)