2021 Holiday Gift Guide

My annual holiday gift guide is back! I’ve got so many ideas for you this year, and I think presents wrapped with love are just what we need to amp up the holiday spirit. 

For 2021, I’ve assembled gift guides that encompass all sorts of personalities. From cozy minimalists and wellness lovers, to the kitchen obsessed, I’ve curated selected items to help meet this year’s needs: more self-care, creating a cozy space of your own, and of course, learning how to cook!

Lucky for you, most of these items are straight from Amazon or retailers with access to quick shipping. Simply save them in your cart today, so that they’re easy to buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now let’s get a head start on planning!

2021 gift guide for cooks

For The Cooks & Foodies

Do you need to buy a gift for that person who gets excited about the best kitchen tools? Well, here’s a list of items that I guarantee they’ll use right away, once they open your gift.

  • Nespresso Milk Frother: Skip the $5 latte and make your own right at home with this super convenient frother. Not only does it warm up your milk, but it churns the milk into the most creamy, foamy texture.
  • Vitamix A3500 Blender: This is the one kitchen tool I can’t live without! But if you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, you can’t go wrong with the A2500 blender or Explorian blender
  • Crock Pot Slow Cooker: Just what you need for set-it-and-forget-it meals! So if you’ve know friends and family who have busy schedules, this is the perfect gift for them.
  • Le Creuset Braiser: My go-to enameled cast iron braiser that’s perfect for cooking dishes on the stovetop or in the oven.
  • Boos Wooden Cutting Board: If you’ve watched my videos, you’ll know this is the only cutting board I use – because it’s that good. It’s sturdy, reliable, easy to clean, and comes in 3 beautiful wooden tones.
  • Staub Cast Iron Fry Pan: When I need a cast iron skillet for the stovetop, this Staub one is my favorite!
  • Magnetic Measuring Cups + Measuring Spoons: I use these for almost every single recipe, plus they stack nicely and save room in your kitchen drawer with the magnetic design.
  • Souper Cubes : Meal prep lovers can rejoice with this ultimate storage kit for freezing soups, sauces, and so much more! 
  • Paderno Spiralizer: A veggie lover’s best friend in the kitchen. This will allow them to create countless recipes with tons of vegetables.
  • Aspen Baking Dish Set: This set of porcelain baking dishes is great for baking or roasting all sorts of recipes. Plus, the handles on the edge make it extra convenient to move around.
  • OXO Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls: You can never go wrong with gifting a new set of mixing bowls. These ones have a solid grip on the bottom and are extremely durable.
  • Le Creuset Dutch Oven: For all the big batch cookers, this is a kitchen must for soups, stews, and so much more!
2021 gift guide for the cozy minimalist

For the Cozy Minimalist

Do you have that friend that’s a homebody, loves interior design, and obsessed with plants? This gift guide will cover all those personalities.

  • Montana Glass Canisters (48oz): These glass containers don’t just make for easy pantry storage, they look aesthetically pleasing on your countertop.
  • Striped Woven Tea Towels (Set of 3): You can honestly never have too many tea towels to rotate in the kitchen. Especially this set of natural tones and classic striped motifs that will enhance any kitchen space.
  • Glazed Stoneware Pitcher: This exceptional piece lends a thoughtful, warm touch to the kitchen, elevating kitchen decor and styling.
  • Marble Serving Board: This gorgeous black marble serving tray is for none other than your best entertainers (who love to throw dinner parties).
  • Kanto Matte Pasta Bowls: For your friends that lust over beautiful ceramic bowls. And these ones won’t break the bank.
  • Marble Salt & Pepper Bowls: The most perfect (and beautifully handmade) ceramic salt and pepper dish topped with a wooden cap.
  • Organic Wool Dryer Balls: Straight from New Zealand, this is a green and efficient laundry drying solution. They’re re-usable over and over.
  • 3 Tier Iris Planter: Can’t decide on just one plant? This 3 tier planter is perfect for saving space and acts as an art piece in my opinion.
  • Stoneware Mugs: Love a good ceramic mug for teas and coffee? This set of 4 is made in a beautifully beige stone color with subtle detailing that’s unique to each one.
  • Natural Wooden Serving Bowl: For all the die-hard wood fans, this serving bowl is going to be the perfect gift. It’s beautifully handmade and makes for a unique serving bowl at the dinner table.
  • Luxe Faux Fur Throw Blanket: Winter days means cuddling on the couch with this luxuriously soft, faux fur blanket. A gift you can never go wrong with.
  • Aesop Reverence Duet: This hand wash + cleanser duo has a warming, woody fragrance that smells SO good. Plus, both will keep your hands perfectly moisturized and extremely smooth.
Wellness lover gift guide

For The Wellness Lovers

As we continue into the new year, wellness couldn’t be more important. Make sure your loved ones are feeling good from the inside out by nourishing their bodies, taking care of their mental health, and prioritizing self-care. 

  • Bala Bangles: For the workout fanatic, these bangles are perfect for adding extra resistance to a workout routine.
  • ALO Warrior Yoga Mat: This mat is roomy, perfectly cushioned for joint support, anti-odor, dry-wicking and slip-free. Basically everything you need in a long lasting yoga mat.
  • Boheme Wanderlust Candle: An artisan candle made from a natural-infused wax, and stored in a glass 
  • Glass Water Bottle: Keeping track of your water intake couldn’t be any more important! And this glass bottle will surely keep you accountable.
  • Cotton Produce Bags: For those who are environmentally conscious, these cotton produce bags will be an everyday essential!
  • Ceramic Matcha Bowl: The matcha lovers will swoon over this beautiful stone matcha bowl!
  • Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe: This soft and luxurious robe is perfect for lounging during your morning and night self care routine. 
  • Necessaire Body Wash + Necessaire Body Exfoliator: This set of body wash and exfoliator is packed with vitamins and nutrients for the skin. And if you love the smell of Eucalyptus, the body wash alone needs to be in your shower routine.
  • Essential Oil Diffuser + Lavender Essential Oil: This handcrafted ceramic diffuser isn’t just beautiful, but includes a few unique settings that make it a quality product.
  • Vital Proteins Collagen: For your friends and family who love are looking to improve beauty, skin and joint health.
  • Porter Ceramic Mug: Whether you’re drinking coffee or tea, this ceramic mug keeps temperatures well. Plus it comes in an array of beautiful colors.
  • Monbento Lunch Box: If you’ve watched my Bento Box video, you know just how handy this is for easy, healthy, and portable lunches (that don’t need microwaving!).
Gifts under $50

Unique Gifts Under $50

In need of stocking stuffers or a fun, unique gift? Here’s a few favorites you can’t go wrong with. From everyday kitchen essentials to wellness goodies – there’s something for everyone.

  • Carter Travel Mug: This stainless steel mug is perfect for coffee or tea on the go. Plus, you can’t overlook how beautiful its simplistic design is!
  • Microgreens Kit: After growing several batches, I have to say this is the most convenient and fun way to grow your microgreens.
  • Ceramic Mug + Tea Leaf Infuser Set: For all the loose-leaf tea lovers, this is the perfect set to cozy up with. 
  • Double Wall Glass Mug: A modern glass mug that will satisfy the minimalists.  
  • Silicone Straw Set: Need an easy (yet useful) stocking stuffer? These silicone straws are perfect for everyday use! Plus, the colors are beautiful.
  • The Five-Minute Journal: This journal has taken the country by a storm! Using the science of positive psychology to improve happiness, The Five-Minute Journal focuses your attention on the good in your life and mental well-being.
  • Olive Wood Utensils (Set of 4): These handmade wooden, all-purpose are kitchen essentials! Not only do they add a beautiful wooden touch to your kitchen, but are durable for all sorts of cooking and serving purposes. 
  • P.F. Candle Co Room & Linen Spray: A refreshing, body-safe fragrance mist that can be sprayed anywhere in the home that needs a bit of a boost.
  • Porter Ceramic Lunch Bowl: Looking for a new lunch container? This ceramic bowl made by Porter is of the highest quality, super durable, and comes in the best colors!
Cookbook gift guide

For the Cookbook Lover

Know someone that has quite the collection of cookbooks? Some may treat it as a coffee table book or use it as a daily inspiration for cooking. Either way, I’ve hand selected a few of my favorite books that just came out this year.

While some may not be gluten-free, they provide so many fresh ideas when it comes to clean and simple eating.

  • The Comfortable Kitchen by Alex Snodgrass: This book is all about comfort food – redefined! You’ll find healthy meals the whole family can enjoy, night after night.
  • Bavel: Modern Recipes Inspired By The Middle East by Orie Menashe, Genevieve Gergis, Lesley Suter: Bavel invites home cooks to explore everything Middle East cuisine! Think sublime tahini, labneh, and hummus; rainbows of pickled vegetables; oven-baked flatbreads; fall-off-the-bone meats; pastries and tarts; and so much more.
  • That Sounds So Good by Carla Lalli Music: Carla’s dishes are quite inviting and easily grab your attention. She focuses on weekday cooking with quick stovetop suppers, one-pot meals, and dinner salads. And for the weekend, lean into lazy lunches, simmered stews, and hands-off roasts.
  • Provecho by Edgar Castrejón: The stories in this book will open your heart up to understand and taste Mexican food, in a wholesome plant-based way.
  • Ottolenghi Test Kitchen by Yotam Ottolenghi: Chef Ottolenghi has always been a huge inspiration for me when it comes to cooking. He uses minimal, clean ingredients to create simple meals that have an aroma of Middle-Eastern flavors. A favorite in the Downshiftology kitchen!
  • The Weekday Vegetarians by Jenny Rosenstrach: Learn how Jenny got her family on board with a weekday plant-based mentality. While laying out a plan for home cooks to follow – one filled with brilliant and bold meat-free meals.
  • The Korean Vegan by Joanne Lee Molinaro: This book celebrates how Joanne’s immigration experience and her love for Korean cooking has helped shape her identity today. She dives into a collection of her favorite dishes – some traditional, some reimagined.
  • Cook Once Dinner Fix by Cassy Garcia: With this book, she shares a fresh approach to preparing dinner in a hurry. All you need to do is turn specific leftovers into a variety of meals throughout the week!

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22 comments on “2021 Holiday Gift Guide”

  1. When using the Kitchenaid sheet maker with butternut squash the squash pops off away from the mixer and the black holder ends up spinning, not holding the squash. Is there a remedy for this?

  2. Lisa! Can you tell us about your linen apron we’ve seen in so many shows???

  3. I would like more info about your herb container. 
    Also, which herbs are you growing?

  4. Hi, I’m having a lot of trouble deciding between a Crockpot and an Instant pot as it’s starting to become popular only these days in Italy. Do you think that the slow cooker option of the instant pot could do a good job? All the options of the instant pot are kind of alluring but in the end I really am looking forward to cook some pulled pork, stew… What would you recommend? (Btw. I already have a pressure pot, just a usual one, which I don’t really use a lot)
    Thank you so much for your help

    • Hi Giulia – it really does come down to personal preference. I guess I’m old school because I still love my slow cooker. ;)

    • Hi Giuila, I would definitely go for the instant pot! If I knew then what I know now, I bought one straight away! Use the machine almost every day. Soups, curries, dried beans, yoghurt and much more come without any effort. And yes, there’s even a slowcook function on it that works very well. 

  5. Hi Lisa,

    I fell in love with your youtube channel. I am just wondering if you can make a video on easy healthy slow cooker meals?

    • I will keep that in mind Jamie! I still need to add more slow cooker recipes to the site as well, so thanks for the reminder :)

  6. A couple years ago you made a video on the vegetable sheet cutter. I liked the video but I haven’t noticed you using it. Why not?

    • Hi Sandra – I do still use it. I just haven’t posted any new recipes with it, as I post recipes based on demand, and unfortunately not a lot of people have that tool.

  7. Great gift guide- just hoping we can get them here in the UK – Merry Christmas !!!

  8. What a thoughtful, practical gift guide. Thank you for taking the time to put it together!

  9. for the John Boos cutting board, do you recommend the Black Walnut over the other options? The walnut board is more expensive.

  10. Dear Lisa,

    Thank you for this great gift guide. My son loves to bake and is looking for a candy thermometer? Is there one you recommend? Many thanks…and I can’t wait to get that Spirlizer!


  11. I’ve searched your site for a knife sharpening video. I do not see one. I would love to know your thoughts on the best knife sharpener and how you maintain your knives. In my family knife maintenance was always left to the men. I think dad was trying to protect us from getting cut. But now I find myself wishing I had this skill. My husband was using an electric one that he loves and I’ve cut my finger for the LAST time. I think it ruined the knives edge! So I ordered my own knives and I intend to maintain them myself.

    • Hi Jessica – up until recently, I’ve had my knives professionally sharpened at Sur La Table. I hone them regularly myself, but sharpen about once or year or as needed. I did recently buy a whetstone to sharpen them myself, but I’m still practicing. ;)