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Interior Define is the best online furniture store (in my opinion) with modern, minimalist sofas and sectionals that match my design aesthetic. Even better, they’re customizable, so you can create the exact sofa or sectional that you need.

Buying a sofa online with Interior Define // My experience with Interior Define.

Most of you know that I moved back to Orange County and into a new apartment earlier this year. Well, since then I’ve been so focused on generating content for this website and my YouTube channel that somehow 6 months flew by and my apartment lay bare.

Sure, my kitchen was decorated (food blogger priorities), but the rest of the apartment was looking quite sad. It was a big, empty box. And definitely not the comfy, homey vibes I was hoping for.

So a couple of months ago I reached out to Havenly, an online e-design firm and said help! I’d like to think I have pretty good design sense in my mish-mash style of cozy minimalist, warm modern and Scandinavian influenced-design (you can check for yourself on my Pinterest Board). But I’ve learned there’s nothing quite like having an expert design opinion to help you tie everything together.

I’ll have more on my experience with Havenly in a future post/video (it’s here: my modern and minimalist living room with Havenly), but today I want to zero in on my living room and specifically the biggest furniture piece you typically design everything else around – the sofa.

Buying a sofa online with Interior Define // My experience with Interior Define.

My Search for a White Linen Modern Sofa

For once I knew exactly what I wanted – a white linen, modern-looking sofa. The sofa of Pinterest dreams. And I figured that since I don’t have kids or pets, I could get away with it. Seize the moment, right? Well, I tried seizing, but who knew a simple white sofa would be so difficult to find?

I visited all the furniture stores in-person, but it was like The Three Little Piggy’s where one was too cream, one was too frumpy and one was too stark. I did like the look of Restoration Hardware’s modern line of sofas, but I definitely didn’t love the price. There was just no way I could bring myself to pay $8,000 – $10,000 for a sectional.

So I found myself doing something I’ve never done with a sofa purchase before – I started searching online. And after perusing (for days and days) all the online furniture stores, one company stood out from the others which matched my exact aesthetic – Interior Define.

Buying a sofa online with Interior Define // My experience with Interior Define.

When You and Your Designer Pick the Same Sofa

I kept Interior Define in the back of my head but not wanting to influence my Havenly designer, I never mentioned the sofa I was coveting. I was interested to see if she could find something I was unable to find.

As luck would have it, my interior designer picked out the exact same sofa I chose for myself (no joke) – Interior Define’s Sloan sectional in ivory heavy cloth fabric with chrome legs. Clearly, that sofa was meant to be.

Buying Furniture Online – The Interior Define Ordering Process

Now, I’ll be honest. The thought of buying furniture online, especially a sofa, was nerve-wracking. Because if you’re anything like me, you’re keen to sit, plop, lean back and rub your hands across the cushions before you ever buy a sofa. But I chatted with Sierra in customer service who answered my barrage of questions, reassured me (the 365-day return policy helped with that) and sent me several fabric swatches so that I could be certain in my choice. 

Buying a sofa online with Interior Define // My experience with Interior Define.

But here’s where it gets even better. Because all of Interior Define’s sofas are custom and made to order, I could opt for more goose-down filling in my cushions and add 16″ to the length of the sectional. The standard Sloan sectional is 96″, but I was hoping for something bigger as I’ve got the space in my living room. The Sloan sectional at 112″ would fit perfectly.

So I did it – I ordered my first ever sofa online!

My only concern in this whole process was the length of time to receive the sofa, which is 8-10 weeks. After making the decision to purchase the sofa, I was like a kid in a candy store and I wanted it asap. But here’s the truth – those eight weeks (or in my case, 7 weeks until delivery) flew by. And later this week my gorgeous, custom sectional will be delivered with their white glove service. I’m giddy.

Update: my living room tour is finished and live on my website and my YouTube channel! And don’t forget that you can always watch behind-the-scenes on Instagram stories.

Disclaimer: After choosing my Sloan sectional I reached out to Interior Define and partnered with them. Special thanks to Interior Define for sponsoring this post. 

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  1. Google Interior Define. Company went bankruptcy, bought out by another vendor. Massive shipping delays. Horrible communication with customs. Made overseas — not so good.

  2. Interior Define is great, unfortunately the order to ship time was quoted to me as 24- 26 weeks, not 8- 10.

    1. I ordered a couch from Interior Define just a few weeks ago. The estimated delivery time is also 22-24 weeks :////. It sounds so awful to wait that long for a couch but then again in 3 weeks they have already started building the couch? So I’m hoping it’ll get here a lot faster than estimated. Fingers crossed! 

  3. Hi! How has the sofa held up over time? Has it gotten saggy? Is the fabric still in good condition? Have the cushions lost their shape at all? Trying to figure out whether to go all out on a Room and Board sofa or to go the customized, slightly more affordable way of interior define. If you have any recent photos, that would be amazing!

    1. Hi Lisa – the sofa has held up just fine for the last 3 years. I probably don’t flip the cushions as often as you should, but as soon as I flip and fluff they’re back to looking just like new. :)

  4. It seems to be a common practice for Interior Define to send a different color. They did this to me and then also to someone I know. Because their “design, build and ship” process takes a while and they change the colors often they might not have your color by the time they put the fabric on. They didn’t even notify me or my friend that they were changing the color. It seems to be a breakdown of communication in their process.

      1. Thank you Lisa! I actually ordered the Sloan corner sectional because of your video. Your sofa looked so beautiful. I just got mine a couple of days ago w/ the upgrade full fabric and down wrap, but they gave me a down feather blend instead and just now a feather comes poking through. :( Sooo not happy.  Glad they did right by you though. Thanks:)

  5. How does it feel? Is it firm? Plush? Stiff? Does it required a lot of fluffing to keep it’s shape? Details, we need details! Lol

    1. It is a bit firm new, but does soften up over time. And I fluff it about once a week, so not as often as recommended. ;)