5 Smoothie Bowl Recipes to Make Again and Again


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Smoothie bowls make for a delicious and healthy breakfast that’s super easy. Just toss a few ingredients into your blender and you’re good to go!  

Acai bowl with mixed berries. A delicious, healthy, gluten-free smoothie bowl for breakfast or lunch.

Even though we’ve got a little June gloom happening in SoCal right now, summer is right around the corner. Next week it’s projected to be 80-degrees (all week long!), so I thought it was perfect time revisit some of my favorite smoothie bowl recipes.

Smoothie bowls make for a fast, easy and healthy breakfast. You just put a few ingredients together in a blender and voila, you’re 90% done. The last 10% (and let’s be honest, the fun part) of smoothie bowl creation is adding the toppings. That’s how a smoothie bowl differs from a smoothie. Delicious, crunchy toppings that you can bite into, which make a smoothie bowl feel less like a drink and more like a meal.

Listed below are 5 of my favorite smoothie bowl recipes. These are the smoothie bowls I tend to have on repeat, as they never get old. They’re all gluten-free and you can add in superfood boosters, which I mention in my healthiest green smoothie post (like my favorite collagen powder).

So let’s dive in!

5 Easy and Healthy Smoothie Bowl Recipes

Acai bowl with mixed berries. A delicious, healthy, gluten-free smoothie bowl for breakfast or lunch.

1. Acai Bowl

The acai bowl is the quintessential Cali summertime smoothie bowl. It’s full of antioxidants and pairs well with any berries you have on hand.

(gluten-free) Mango Smoothie Bowl. The perfect summer smoothie bowl, filled with mangoes, pineapple, blueberries and gluten-free granola.

2. Mango Smoothie Bowl

When it comes to smoothie bowl popularity, this mango smoothie bowl always ranks #1 on Downshiftology. The tropical vibes and homemade gluten-free granola are a winning combo.

Clean green smoothie bowl. A classic green smoothie bowl that's a breakfast favorite.

3. Clean Green Smoothie Bowl

If you’re looking for less fruit and more greens, this is the smoothie bowl for you. Packed with spinach and avocado, the clean green smoothie bowl will start your morning off right.

(gluten-free) Dark Cherry Smoothie Bowl

4. Dark Cherry Smoothie Bowl

The dark cherry smoothie bowl makes it 100% okay to eat chocolate for breakfast. How? With the addition of raw cacao nibs for a sweet, tasty crunch.

(gluten-free) Pitaya Smoothie Bowl

5. Pitaya Smoothie Bowl

It would not be a stretch to say I had my fair share of pitaya bowls while living in Bali. Pitaya (aka – dragon fruit) makes for a vibrant, refreshing and absolutely delicious smoothie bowl.

What’s your favorite smoothie bowl? Are you interested in one with bananas and raw cacao? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Such beautiful photos. I’d have a hard time choosing my favorite – guess I have to try them all!

  2. Beautiful pictures..feel like grabbing each cup and finishing it off! :) I am about to prepare few varieties of overnight oats..will refer your post for inspiration. Btw, my personal favorite is the Dark Cherry Bowl..yummm.

  3. Oh yes, that Dark Cherry smoothie bowl would be my top favorite, no question – there’s something so decadent & delicious about the sweet cherry/rich chocolate combination. And I’m not too keen on bananas (sorry, it’s a texture thing!), but I’m sure a banana-cacao BLENDED version would be awesome, like the whole banana ice cream craze :)

    1. That cherry one is definitely fab! And cherries are just coming into season (I saw a bunch at the market this week) – so perfect timing to whip it up! Funny about the bananas…you’re not the first person I’ve heard say that. Good news though is that there’s lots of smoothie bowls you can make without bananas! ;) x

      1. Oh, definitely! I’ve made a LOT of smoothie bowls in my life, and they’ve never had bananas ;) Always berries, haha.