What I Loved In February

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What I loved in February

Ooops, I’m a few days late in posting this monthly recap. But February flew by so quickly! Not only is it a short month (filled with lots of Valentine’s recipes, like this and this), but this year we had glorious beach weather in February (which was distracting in all the best ways possible!).

So what caught my attention in February? Lots of goodies, like:

  • A tutorial on how to make homemade elderberry syrup – yesss! And the end result is way better than store bought stuff.
  • Remembering that dirt is our friend – and that playing in the dirt can be good for our health.
  • You know I love my cassava flour tortilla chips, but chickpea tortilla chips?! Oh wow. I’m gonna have to give these a try!
  • So proud of my friend Kristen for launching her first ebook on healthy sauces. Her wellness story is simply amazing. More coming on that later this week!
  • Did you ever think a 3-ingredient, gluten-free, grain-free chocolate cake was possible? Be amazed.
  • And we should all live our lives by Ferris Buehler quotes, right?
  • I’m currently planning my upcoming trip to Portugal…but this post on the best places to eat in the Caribbean may have my jumping on a plane sooner.
  • If you’re looking for the best ever grazing board for a party – I think this is it.
  • Can mindful meditation change the brain and body? You betcha! 
  • I can’t eat many of Molly’s recipes (being gluten-free and all), but she’s one of my favorite food bloggers – her photography and writing is the best! So I follow and admire and drool. 
  • I am in LOVE with these vegetable flatbreads. The options are endless! But it’s the video with Elsa that will seriously capture your heart.

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