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As I’m sure you gather, I do heaps of research for this little ‘ol website every month. I’m researching recipes, ingredients, products, health articles and travel posts – or what I’d like to consider the “work” related stuff. AND while I’m doing that, I’m also getting sidetracked with the endless supply of internet wormholes, where one page leads seamlessly to the next and before you know it I’m 23 website pages away from where I intended to be (while buying a new Athleta top and learning SEO best practices).

But in all that “research” I come across some pretty cool finds every month, from brands I love, websites I’m smitten with and other awesome bloggers I admire. So today, I’m bringing you a new category of posts – monthly favorites! All the nook and cranny cool things that I stumble on each month that I think you’ll love, want to make (or buy) and possibly even be entertained by. In other words, tons of good stuff!

So without further ado….


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Lisa Bryan

Lisa is a bestselling cookbook author, recipe developer, and YouTuber (with over 2.5 million subscribers) living in sunny Southern California. She started Downshiftology in 2014, and is passionate about making healthy food with fresh, simple and seasonal ingredients.

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