10 Paleo Instagram Foodies You Need to Follow

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10 paleo instagram foodies you need to follow

Need a little inspiration to spice up your Paleo meals? Just follow who I follow – these 10 rockstar Paleo Instagrammers. With a real food, paleo-inspired focus, their Instagram feeds will leave you drooling, hungry, amazed and of course, inspired!

Now, I’ll admit, I have a slight addiction to Instagram. As Facebook becomes inundated with advertisers I find myself cherishing the simplicity of photo. A photo that tells a story, motivates and makes me think…I can do that with cauliflower?!

Thankfully, many of these Instagrammers provide “behind-the-scenes” of how they did it. Because if you’re like me, you’ll want to know exactly how their food photos come out so darn spectacular. Oh yeah, lighting!

But there’s more…and these gals (and guy!) give the deets. Through their beautiful photos and narratives, you’ll also get to know their personalities and communities – which I’ve come to love.

As I say time and again, Paleo is about so much more than food, it’s a lifestyle. And these 10 Instagrammers, my personal foodie favs, will keep you walking (even skipping) along your own path to wellness.

1. GOEATYOURBEETS, by Trisha Hughes

First, you’ll be swooning over Trisha’s impressive photography. This girl’s got skills! But immediately after, you’ll be captivated by her wit, approachability and girlfriend bestie narrative. Trisha’s all about community, helping you simultaneously cook and photograph amazing food.

goeatyourbeets instagram

2. STUPIDEASYPALEO, by Steph Gaudreau

Steph dazzles and educates through her Instagram photos. She even wrote the book on it (true!). As a certified nutritionist and health nerd (yes, former science teacher), she keeps Paleo eating real and well, easy. She can also impressively lift very heavy things.

stupideasypaleo instagram

3. LEXISCLEANKITCHEN, by Alexis Kornblum

Lexi is a recipe (and social media) superstar whose got you covered whether you’re gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, sugar-free, egg-free or of course, Paleo. Her feed of tantalizing food is only eclipsed by the smattering of adorable, “aww”-worthy puppy shots.

lexiscleankitchen instagram

4. THEMERRYMAKERSISTERS, by Emma and Carla Papas

Looking for health and happiness inspiration? Then jump on over to Emma and Carla’s cheerful Paleo feed. These Aussie sisters (and fellow health coaches!) serve up scrumptious food, while injecting you with a dose of infectious positivity and merrymaking food bliss.

themerrymakersisters instagram

5. BRITTANY_ANGELL, by Brittany Angell

Brittany is the multi-allergy free queen. She also proves that food sensitivities do not translate to bland, cardboard-resembling meals (hello, Paleo Strawberry Pancakes!). Her mouthwatering recipes and ability to make healthy food delicious is a true talent.

brittanyangell instagram

6. AIPXWHOLE30, by Charlotte Dupont

Clean, crisp, beautiful and vibrant. That’s how Charlotte rolls with her food and photography. Leading you on a photographic journey of nutrient-dense foods, healthy living and a little adventure, you too will soon be mesmerized by Charlotte’s stunning feed.

aipxwhole30 instagram

7. PALEOFOODIES, by Alison Sims

Alison created Paleo Foodies as a way to showcase the creme de la creme of Paleo recipes and dining. But this Aussie gal is a kindred spirit – one who believes that healthy eating shouldn’t limit you to your Paleo-fied kitchen. She proves it is possible to eat healthy, eating out.

paleofoodies instagram


If you’re looking for the most creative things you can make with cauliflower, Mike is your man. Ahem, Cauliflower Crust Grilled Cheese Sandwich, anyone? But this Ironman triathlete serves up oodles more Paleo goodness, along with funny-as-heck recipe posts.

miketheironyou instagram

9. FREERANGEKATY, by Katy Galvin

If Katy’s food looks profesh, there’s a good reason. She’s the real deal – a professionally trained chef from Le Cordon Bleu. But you know what tops that? The fact that she’s sharing her culinary delights, real food masterpieces and photography tips with all of us!

freerangekaty instagram


Sonia may be newer to Instagram, but this seasoned Paleo foodie will knock your socks off. Just check her dedicated following on Facebook and Pinterest! Her photos are clearly enticing, but it’s her recipes that will surely boost your own path to wellness.

soniathehealthyfoodie instagram


I’m just getting started with Instagram, but with these Paleo foodies as my mentors, I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store. Right now, my Paleo lifestyle is leading me around the world in search of healthy, wholesome, gluten-free foods. So if you’re a Paleo foodie who likes to travel, or is inspired by flavors from around the world…I’ve got some big things ‘a brewing for you. Stay tuned!

downshiftology instagram

What other Paleo foodie accounts inspire you? I’d love to hear! Share in the comments below.

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