Meal Prep Containers (That Aren’t Plastic)


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Meal prep containers should be durable and reusable, versatile for both cold storage and heat and non-toxic. That means no plastic. So my favorite meal prep containers are all made from glass and silicone. These are exact meal prep containers I personally use for meal prep every week.

The best meal prep containers are durable and reusable, can be used in both cold storage and warmed up and are non-toxic. That means no plastic. So my favorite meal prep containers are all made from glass and silicone.

Meal Prep Containers That Last

To say that my recent Meal Prep Ideas video was popular would be an understatement. I received hundreds and hundreds of comments within hours of posting that video. It was craziness. And the number one comment? “Please do more!”

So needless to say, I will be doing more meal prep recipes future, but today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite meal prep containers.

If you plan on doing weekly meal prep it would be wise to invest in some good containers for all your food storage needs. So what makes a good container? Well, I think three things: 1) it’s durable and reusable 2) it can be used in both cold storage and warmed up, and 3) it’s non-toxic.

That last one is a biggie for me. I’ve mentioned this before on my Pantry Organization video, but I’ve been moving away from plastic as much as possible, wherever possible.

When you’re storing food and more importantly, when you’re reheating food, it’s even more important to stay away from plastic as plastic can leech harmful chemicals into your food. And no one wants a side of bisphenol-A, B or whatever letter is next, along with their roasted veggies. Am I right?


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So today I’m sharing my four favorite meal prep containers (and really, general food storage containers) that aren’t plastic. Instead, these options are all either glass or silicone. Let’s dive in.

The Best Meal Prep Containers

The best meal prep containers are durable and reusable, can be used in both cold storage and warmed up and are non-toxic. That means no plastic. So my favorite meal prep containers are all made from glass and silicone.

#1 Weck Jars

Weck Jars come in a variety of sizes and shapes and I use them for everything from storing homemade cashew milk to storing homemade nutella.

All Weck Jars are glass and come with a glass top and a silicone gasket and metal clips. Now, I love them because they’re 100% airtight, but if you’re storing dry goods and want an easy to remove lid, then I’d recommend getting these acacia wood lids that are absolutely beautiful.

The best meal prep containers are durable and reusable, can be used in both cold storage and warmed up and are non-toxic. That means no plastic. So my favorite meal prep containers are all made from glass and silicone.

#2 Le Parfait Jars

Similar to Weck Jars are these Le Parfait Jars, which are also glass and air-tight. You can get them with an attached lid, which means you’ll never lose the lid or you can get screw top lids on many of the jars as well.

Both Weck Jars and Le Parfait Jars are great if you plan to do any type of canning or preserving and you’ve seen me use Le Parfait Jars for serving up my chia seed pudding and storing my homemade almond butter.

The best meal prep containers are durable and reusable, can be used in both cold storage and warmed up and are non-toxic. That means no plastic. So my favorite meal prep containers are all made from glass and silicone.

#3 Glasslock Containers

When it comes to your more typical meal prep container and storing larger food items, I always use my Glasslock Containers. You saw me use these on my recent meal prep video and I use them for storing pretty much anything and everything – from sliced chicken, to roasted vegetables and hard boiled eggs.

I particularly love the Glasslock brand as the tempered glass is extremely durable and can be used in the fridge, freezer, microwave and oven. They’re also dishwasher safe.

The lids that come with the Glasslock Containers are BPA-free and they latch easily and securely. You’ll hear the lid click when you place it on the container and that lets you know that whatever you have in your container is now air-tight and leak-proof.

I also love these containers because they come in a variety of sizes and shapes and I have sets of both the round and rectangular ones. But most importantly, these containers nest inside each other, which means they take up less space in your cabinets when you’re not using them.

The best meal prep containers are durable and reusable, can be used in both cold storage and warmed up and are non-toxic. That means no plastic. So my favorite meal prep containers are all made from glass and silicone.

#4 Stasher Bags

Last on our list is a food storage container that isn’t glass, which is these Stasher Bags. Stasher Bags may look similar to a plastic ziploc bag, but there’s no plastic involved.

Instead, they’re made from food grade silicone and are 100% reusable, which also makes them better for the environment.

Stasher Bags are great for meal prep because they can usually fit in those nook and cranny spaces in your fridge and freezer. And I’ll frequently use them for meal prepping smoothie ingredients for the week. So all I do is place some fruit and veggies in the bag and pop it in the freezer. Then, in the morning when I want a quick smoothie before work, it’s as easy as emptying the bag into my Vitamix and blending away.

Now, as you might imagine, Stasher Bags are also great for travel and I’ll use them to take my homemade granola bars or lemon ginger bliss balls (recipe found in my healthy travel e-book Roaming Free) when I’m on the go. They’re TSA-compliant because you can see what’s inside and they’re lightweight, which makes them easy to pack in your carry on luggage.

So those are my four favorite (and non-toxic) meal prep containers and what I use on a regular basis. For more meal prep inspiration, make sure to subscribe to my website and YouTube channel as I’ll have more healthy meal prep recipes and videos coming your way soon!

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  1. I am pre-diabetic and I was wondering what can I use in place of the maple syrup. The unsweetened things don’t sit well with me. They give me terrible headaches.

  2. This is the first time I’ve seen and watched your video. I love the guacamole recipe and I am looking forward to making it. Also I love Thea’s about the glass containers that you use for storage. I am looking forward to contrite to seeing more of what you have to share. 

  3. I love your channel and all the different foods you offer. Everything is super easy and oh so good. I’m looking forward to this journey. Since being diagnosed with scleroderma, I’m hoping to heal with food instead of medications. Thank you for all that you do for all of us so we can learn and grow in our health journey.

  4. What is the best of your recommended containers to store soup in. I make lots at one time and I store it in the frig. I only have 1 very deep container that I use, but it’s Tupperware and I don’t like it, but it is very deep and stores a very large amount (about 10 cups minimum I am guessing).

  5. Hi Lisa.  Congratulation – I love your website and everything about you and the way you present it all.  It is all so easy to follow, full of practical, health easy to follow ideas and common sense – and also catering for those with differing dietary/lifestyle needs.  I am so happy to have stumbled across your website.

    My one question is do you have any instructions or do you use a  thermomix at all.

    Warm regards
    Margie – Western Australia 

    1. Happy to hear you’re enjoying Downshiftology content Margie! I haven’t used a Thermomix yet, but I’ll keep that tool in mind.

  6. I love all your containers and want to order some. Could you tell me the sizes that you use the most?

    1. I use all of them equally really! But it depends on what I’m making for the week or what leftovers I have :)

  7. I am brand new to you tube and found you.  I have never liked meat, not since I was 4 yrs old but I also grew up cooking like a meat and potatoes type of menu -mi just didn’t eat the meat which means I ate far too many carbs.  I knew I had to change but I was overwhelmed and did t know how.  Then I watched your video and I knew this was for me.  I am also newly diabetic so I’m hoping the maple syrup is okay especially since my whole diet will change.  I’m so grateful.  Things like story carrots and celery because I’ve tried the old fashion way and thought how can people eat this on day 3 or 4 and gave up. So I’m now buying glass jars and looking forward to learning a new way to live and hoping it also changes my need for diabetes meds.  Thank You! 🌝 

    1. Hi Peggy – Happy to hear you’ve discovered Downshiftology and that my recipes can help you through your health journey! The switch to a new diet is never easy at first, but once you get the grasp of how to meal prep and cook with wholesome ingredients – it will soon be easy peasy :)

  8. Hi. Just found your recpe for zoodles. I am trying them tonight for supper with a Italian red sauce.
    I have to watch carbs and sugar intake so I am always on the look out for good recipes. Reading the reviews really help me. Your directions are very clear and easy to excute. I will review after dinner tonight. I love to cook and bought a spiralizer several months ago and have not used it yet. I am so looking forward to more recipes. Thanks for all you do. I appreciate the nutritional values on the recipes. I am also making the lemon vinaigrette dressing. I love homemade dressings.

    1. Happy to hear you’re enjoying all the recipes so far and information provided Mary! Do let me know how you end up loving the zucchini noodles :)

  9. Good morning, I so agree your instructions are excellent and easy to follow and I have learned so much. This has truly improved my health and the recipes have been shared with others as well as your website on YOUTUBE.

    You are a blessing…

    1. Hi Sandra – happy to hear you’ve learned so much from my channel Sandra! Hope you continue to enjoy all the content to come :)

  10. Hi Lisa,

    Just found you on YouTube when I was looking up anti inflammatory diet.  I really enjoy your videos.  They are easy to listen to, not to long and very informative.  Looking forward to continuing to learn from you and try out your recipes.

    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.

    Barb Dawson

    1. Glad you discovered Downshiftology as well Barb! Hope you learn tons and enjoy the recipes :)

  11. Hello Lisa!! Thank you so much for making this video! I’m wondering which size Weck jars you’d recommend for soup and salad food prep? It’s difficult to tell on Amazon. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Tracie – it’s really personal preference. But I often use the 1/2 liter jars for soup. :)

  12. I am new to your channel and just love how you teach! I am 72 and excited about learning more! You are very authentic, easy to understand and inspiring, all in one!
    Thank you! 
    Bernadette Bryant 

  13. Hi Lisa,

    Love your content!

    I’ve been watching your content back to back this week.
    It’s so easy to follow and aesthetically pleasing. It makes eating healthy/meal prepping less overwhelming for starters.

    And of course this post is a great roadmap too – thank you so much for sharing!

  14. Hi Lisa! Love all of your videos and your positivity! I have been slowly trying to convert my kitchen/pantry plastic free for a while, but it definitely takes a financial investment. It also takes trying to break habits we grew-up with, like having an “endless” supply of single-use plastic containers! My comment is in regard to the Stasher bags. Due to the price tag on them, when I first started my journey I went with bags (that are no longer available) that are silicone but have plastic seal that’s a separate piece. They stand fairly easily, and although closing can sometimes be difficult I’ve been fairly happy with them. They are easy to maintain. After watching your videos, I decided to invest in some Stasher bags as well. I purchased 4 of the non-standing ones. I’ve been happy with them so far, but oh my goodness they are expensive! One complaint with the non-standing stasher bags is that I do find them harder to get food into.

    I have two questions for you: (1) what quantity of Stasher bags do you try to keep in your pantry? Obviously this would vary from person to person, but as I’m following your recipes and getting organization tips I was curious to see what quantity has worked well for you. And (2) I have not seen Stasher bags come in a larger like a gallon size yet. Do you have any recommendations for this? It would be useful to have larger sizes for summer season for picking our own fruit. :)

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Denise – I’m happy you’re loving all my recipes and videos! I have about a dozen Stasher bags because I do use them often. I also agree that larger sizes would be awesome, and I’m hopeful that Stasher will come out with those in the future as I know many people have requested them. As more competition in this silicone storage space heats up, I’m also hopeful that we’ll see reduced pricing and more options over time. :)

  15. Hi Lisa, watching your videos has become a family affair so thank you. I watched your Summer Meal Prep video this morning and wonder about immersing strawberries in water before storing. I’ve always found they go off quite quickly afterwards but perhaps because I store in the fridge with a lid on??? 

    1. Hi Claudia – Thanks so much! And yes, after you’ve washed the strawberries don’t put the lid on tight. I just set the lid on top to prevent anything falling on top of them. :)

  16. Hi Lisa! I just wanted to say that I absolutely love all of your meal prep videos and other how to recipes (perfect boiled eggs and hummus, etc). So helpful and so well done. I am so grateful for all of these resources and am really enjoying binge watching them during this time. Getting inspired and all geared up for Spring. Thank you so very much! Keep up the great work:)

    1. Hi Manon – I’m so thrilled that you’re loving all my content so far, and that I can be of some inspiration and entertainment while you’re at home! Can’t wait to see what recipes you try :)

  17. Did you mean to say “lose ” instead of “use” in following sentence under Le Parfait jars section? “You can get them with an attached lid, which means you’ll never use the lid or you can get screw top lids on many of the jars as well.” Easy edit.

  18. Hi Lisa,

    I love your use of the Le Parfait jars for carrots and celery. Could you please tell me the size of Me Parfait jar you use for that and for your homemade almond butter?


  19. It is the first time I saw your vidio, and was very happy about the containers. Where is the best place to find all of them? Also I’m going to do some of your receipies. Thank You.5 stars

  20. Would you say that the stasher bags are easy to clean? I’m very interested, but with silicon, grease is hard to remove. Can they be flipped inside-out to clean in a dishwasher?

    Also curious why you prefer Weck over Mason Jars. Perhaps the more reusable lid?


    1. Hi Amy – Yes! Stasher bags are very easy to clean and can be thrown into the dishwasher. And yes, I personally like the lids on Weck Jars.

  21. Greetings! I’m new to your site and love your food prep videos with storage ideas. I’d like to make salads and dressings and wondered with your salad dressing recipes, which Weck jar do you use?

    1. Hi Robin – I’m happy you’re loving all my recipes and food prep ideas! I use a variety of storage containers, depending on the quantity. But for dressings I most often use the small tulip weck jars or 1/4 liter weck jars.

  22. Dear Lisa – just wanted to let you know that the page for the Glasslock containers has a lot of comments from people who have either had their containers shatter in microwaves, or have regularly discovered glass shards in food from brittle edges resulting from stacking/unstacking the containers.  What has your experience been?  On another note, thanks for a fabulous site and thoroughly well-put-together videos and recipes!  

    1. Hi Elizabeth – I’ve had no problems with the Glasslock containers and I’ve personally used them for years. I only recommend products I truly love and use. :) Happy you’re enjoying all my recipes and videos!

  23. Thank you for showing us your meal prep containers. I just started switching over to glass and I love the weck containers. The different containers are nice for the various items you made.
     I would also like to thank you for showing how to meal prep various items at once without the monotony of eating the same thing over and over. 
     I will definitely be watching your videos again.

    1. Thanks so much Charline! I’m glad you’re enjoying my meal prep videos and congrats on your new glass containers. It’s always exciting to get new containers for cooking. :)

  24. Thank you for these recommendations! How many of each size and shape of the Glasslock containers do you own? When do you use the different shapes?

  25. Can you tell us if the Glasslock Food Storage containers are LEAD FREE GLASS?
    If possible, please send me a return email. I am not super computer literate. Thanks, Valorie

  26. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you so much for all your work – very inspiring!!

    Quick question regarding the weck jars: which size would you recommend to invest in and for what?


    1. Hi Virginie – it’s really a personal decision based on the ingredients you use and what your cook. I’d recommend taking a look at your pantry and envisioning what might fit into which size jar. :)

  27. HI Lisa! Great channel!!

    How do OXO Good Grips Smart Seal Leakproof Glass Foodstorage containers  compare to the glass containers you are using? America’s Test Kitchen rated this OXO brand as #1 for leakproof glass containers. I don’t know if they tested your brand or not?  Your thoughts? Thanks so much! 

    1. Thanks Lisa! And that’s a great question, but unfortunately I don’t know as I haven’t used OXO containers. I do love most of their other products, so I’m sure they’re quality as well. :)

  28. Hi Lisa
    Thank You for sharing this blog. I have never heard of stasher bags before and its great to know.
    I wonder what you use for covering food while reheating in microwave.
    I use a plastic lid, and that’s the only option I have seen.

    1. Using a plastic lid is totally fine as it’s not really touching the food. :)

  29. Hi Lisa, thank you for sharing your pantry organization methods! Question about Weck jars-I love how they look and that they are glass, but I wonder if they would be too much maintenance for me. When I saw some at the store, I tried opening and closing them, and honestly struggled to keep the rubber seal and clips in place! Would you say these come easier/quicker with time and practice?

    1. Hi Carly – It does get much easier with practice. But if you’d like easier on/off lids, check out the acacia wood lids (linked in the post). And I believe they may have some plastic lids now as well. :)

  30. All of the advertising on this page was for single use plastics and food storage. It look away from reading the article, because you are obviously promoting the opposite it was very unfortunate 

    1. Sorry about that Trea! Unfortunately, I don’t control the specific ads displayed on my website. Otherwise I’d definitely block those single use plastic ads. :)

  31. We always use glass containers for meal prep and left over storage.  Everything stacks so well in the ref/freezer this way too.  These stash bags are interesting!

    1. Yes, love the stacks of meal prepped food! That always makes me happy knowing it’s there. ;)

  32. I always use glass containers too, yours look so much nicer than mine though! I wish I had a few more too. I haven’t even seen the silicone bags before?!! Maybe we don’t have them in Australia yet?
    Thanks so much for sharing

    1. Yeah, it seems you can never have too many of those glass containers, right? (says the girl who’s overflowing in them – ha!). And the Stasher Bags are fairly new, so it may take a little while longer to hit Australia. :)

  33. I’m trying to store our food in as little plastic as possible, so these products are just what I need. Those silicone bags look awesome – I’m checking them out for sure!

  34. These glasslock bowls are a gamechanger. Prep, freeze and oven bake without having to mess about wrapping the bowl when it’s in the freezer. Genius.

  35. I so agree with you. Another great thing is that by warming the food in the same container it was stored in, you save on dishwashing! Congrats on the video!

  36. Not a fan of plastic containers myself but I love this beautiful collection…the stasher bags are great too! Love that they are reusable and eco-friendly. Thanks for sharing and introducing us to this line!

    1. The Stasher Bags are great and so much better (and more durable) than using plastic bags. You should definitely give them a try. :) x

    1. Hi Sharon – I just leave them open and propped upside down after I’ve washed them. So far I’ve not had any problems. :)

  37. is the recipe for those ginger snack balls on your website? I couldn’t find them in the search.


  38. I see that the silicone bags have mixed reviews on amazon since they get mold in the seal. Do you have problems with this and how do you clean it?

    1. Hi Jenny – I’ve never had any mold problems with my bags. I just wash them in the top rack in my dishwasher. :)