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A new website for downshiftology.com.

For the last year I’ve been wanting to redesign my website. To create a website that felt more “me” – more streamlined, more visual, more minimalist. And let’s be honest, it’s amazing how much you learn about website design, architecture, coding, SEO and techie stuff after three years of having a home on the internet. Stuff you wished you’d known at the beginning. But stuff that let’s be honest, no one knows when they’re first starting out.

For the last year my website redesign always got pushed off. Truth be told, it was probably a subconscious effort to thwart it on my part, because website redesigns are MASSIVE undertakings. So there were always new recipes to make, new videos to shoot and new social media to post. Yep, procrastination central.

But three months ago I hunkered down and finally started the process. I had a pretty solid vision of what I wanted – visually and functionally – and I’m thrilled to now show you what’s been mulling around in my brain for the last year.

The first thing you’ve likely noticed is that the homepage images are larger and “pop” more. That’s because I removed much of the accent color (green and teal) from the old site. The food on Downshiftology is vibrant enough itself, so I thought, why not let that shine?

I also wanted the ability to feature videos. I’m doing so (so so) many videos now, both recipe videos and lifestyle videos that I wanted to highlight them. So now, they’re not only embedded in posts or on my YouTube Channel, but I can feature seasonal videos on my homepage at any point in time. Awesome, right?

But a feature you guys have been asking for – nutrition information – is also now live! You’ll notice this at the bottom of recipe posts. Though disclaimer: please note that I have to manually enter each one and with 200+ recipes on my website, it will still take me another month to update all old recipes. But new recipes will include their nutritional profile.

There are so many more features (hello easy search and recipe filtering), that I thought it would make more sense to walk you through it in a video.

Watch this quick video on my website redesign:

In three years this community has grown immensely and I already have ideas for ways to build more community. I included the hashtag #Downshiftology section on this website redesign because back in January I mentioned my goal to build more community. And this was one step forward.

Because Downshiftology isn’t just about my recipes or posts, but where you all can be inspired by one another.

After my recent Instagram story, where I opened up about some hormonal challenges, I was flooded with direct messages and emails of support. You guys, I was blown away. I literally spent two full days doing nothing but responding to everyone. And it highlighted just how supportive, kind and compassionate this community is. In short, I think you could all benefit from each other, as much as you benefit from me.

I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to make that larger community a reality yet, but I think a private Facebook group may be happening in the near future. One where I’m more easily accessible and where the collective wisdom of the Downshiftology community is free and available to everyone. Stay tuned.

I hope you like Downshiftology 2.0. She will continue to morph and grow and evolve as I do. But all of this wouldn’t be possible without your support. So again, thank you for making my recipes. Thank you for sharing them. Thank you for commenting, rating and providing feedback. Thank you for reading my posts. And just thank you for being the awesome, lovely people that you are. Much love.


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Lisa Bryan

Lisa is a bestselling cookbook author, recipe developer, and YouTuber (with over 2.5 million subscribers) living in sunny Southern California. She started Downshiftology in 2014, and is passionate about making healthy food with fresh, simple and seasonal ingredients.

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    I would like to “Thank you” for sharing the overnight oats recipes. I had no idea that i would enjoy eating cold oats. I made the pina colada last night for breakfast, it is absolutely delicious. I wish i could put a picture in this message it not only taste good is it pleasing to the eyes. I can’t wait to try the others.

    Thanks again,

  2. Hi! I found your videos by accident, but am really happy that I did! I need to eat more vegetables and your videos are very motivating.

    I also love to organize and decorate, and you hit all these areas!

    I am wondering why you chose Montana canisters for the countertop and Weck for the pantry? Love them both, but just curious.

    Thank you!

    1. Welcome to the Downshiftology community! I mainly am using the Montana jars for my countertop as they are wider and lower so they fit under my cabinets, and have a wider opening for me to scoop flour out.

  3. Hi Lisa, I love your channel and recipes. I recently purchased a Monbento box and am looking forward to meal prepping my lunch and snacks from tour video. On a different note, I love your ring and if I remember correctly, the symbolism behind it. Would you be willing to share where you got it! It’s beautiful and I’m looking for a diamond piece to symbolize my health & wellness journey.
    Xoxo Susan

    1. Thanks so much Susan! I bought that ring from Tiffany’s just as a nice present to myself for my 35th birthday. Figured I didn’t need to wait for someone else to buy me a ring. ;)

  4. Hi,
    I love your website. I have been watching your videos for a while now. I have a question about your website. What did you use to build it? 

  5. Good evening. I came across your YouTube video on anti-inflammatory foods. I have been slowly moving inflammatory foods out of my diet & incorporating anti-inflammatory in. Your recipes sound delicious & I can’t wait to try some. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Welcome to the Downshiftology community Debbie! Glad to hear I can help provide some inspiration when it comes to whole and anti-inflammatory foods. Enjoy all the recipes!

  6. I am curious if you could do a video on how you set up your shop? I am in the process of creating my own and it is a major learning curve and I am curious how you set up yours. Thanks a bunch!

  7. I am obsessed with your YouTube channel and now your website! Thank you for all your inspirations and I do hope you create the FB group for hormones. Sure could use it. I also can relate to your bio as I have spent 36 years in Health Care and have history of autoimmune disease that I have in remission doing it through diet. I’m currently off work due to stress and other non autoimmune health issues which are related to hormones and stress. Thank you again. 

    1. Thanks so much Linda! I’m thrilled to hear you love my website and YouTube channel! And yes, if I start that Facebook group I’ll be sure to let all my subscribers know. Best wishes to you! :) x