Trail Mix Granola Bars

These healthy homemade trail mix granola bars will beat store-bought versions any day. They’re chewy, sweet, nutty, and are filled with clean ingredients. Plus, they’re versatile (just switch up your nuts and seeds) and so easy to whip up!

Trail mix bars cut into individual bars next to a knife.

Is Trail Mix Healthy?

Generally, trail mix is viewed as a nutritious and healthy snack. It’s got a hefty dose of nuts and seeds, providing plenty of healthy fats and carbs. And a little sweetness from dried fruits such as cranberries, raisins, or blueberries, which are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants.

But when you start adding yogurt pretzels, chocolate chips or marshmallows into the mix, it changes things a bit. These types of ingredients offer minimal nutritional benefits and quickly bring the sugar levels up. So it’s best to stick with a simple nut, seed and fruit base.

Trail mix granola bar ingredients in a mixing bowl, next to a smaller bowl of maple syrup.

Homemade Granola Bar Ingredients

While these granola bars have your trail mix essentials, there’s a few simple superfoods I’ve snuck in here. From pepitas to chia seeds, these feel-good ingredients will give you a quick and easy nutrient boost – all in one snack. Here’s what’s in them:

  • Assorted Nuts – Almonds and cashews are my go-to, but you can use pecans or walnuts as well.
  • Dried Coconut Flakes – Adds a hint of coconut flavor and crisp texture.
  • Dried Cranberries – They’re an amazing superfood (get unsweetened), along with other berries.
  • Pepitas – Pumpkin seeds have great antioxidants and minerals.
  • Chia Seeds – Small but mighty chia seeds boasts tons of health benefits.
  • Sea Salt – If you’re using raw nuts, don’t forget to add a little sea salt.
  • Maple Syrup – Helps bind everything together and adds just the right amount of sweetness.
  • Vanilla Extract – A splash of vanilla adds a sweet depth of flavor.

For a more basic granola bar recipe (that’s on the chewier side), give my chocolate chip granola bars a try!

Homemade granola bar ingredients in a baking pan.

Make Your Own Healthy Granola Bars

Making these bars couldn’t be any easier. So grab your baking pan and let’s get cooking.

  1. Prep. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Then line an 8×8 inch baking pan with parchment paper.
  2. Mix. Toss and mix all the nuts, dried fruit, seeds, and salt in a bowl.
  3. Combine. Stir together the vanilla extract and maple syrup in a separate small bowl. Then pour the liquid over the nuts and give it all a stir, until it’s well coated.
  4. Flatten. Pour the mixture into a baking pan and flatten into an even layer using a large spoon.
  5. Bake & Cool. Let it bake in the oven for 30-35 minutes. Once done, let it cool in the pan for one hour (this is important).
  6. Slice & Serve. Once the mixture is cooled, slice them into 12 even bars.
Several trail mix granola bars on a plate.

A Few Tips To Make The Perfect Bars

  • If your bars are too soft. You need to bake them long enough for the maple syrup to caramelize and harden when it cools. If your bars are still really soft and sticky when cool, bake them a few minutes longer next time. Every oven is different.
  • If your bars crumble and fall apart. While you can leave your nuts whole (as shown), smaller chopped pieces will bind together more easily. You can also do a mix of some whole nuts and some chopped.
  • Use a sharp knife to slice. And don’t use a sawing motion to cut, just slice straight down on the nuts.
  • Don’t skip the cooling time. I know it’ll be tempting to cut a piece right out of the oven. But if you want to slice them perfectly, you need to let them chill. You can do this by letting them sit at room temperature for an hour. Or in the fridge for 30-45 minutes.

How To Properly Store These

Once you slice the bars, transfer them to airtight containers to be stored in the fridge or freezer. I highly recommend placing a sheet of parchment paper in between layers to prevent them from sticking together.

These will keep for up to a week in the fridge or 2 months in the freezer. If you decide to freeze, let them thaw at room temperature for about 15-20 minutes before eating.

Three granola bars stacked on top of each other on a plate with parchment paper in between.

Granola Bar Recipe Video

Want to see how I make this recipe? It’s easy! Just watch the quick video below.

More Healthy Snack Ideas For The Week

A healthy snack doesn’t have to resort to trail mix. Add in some savory proteins, creamy smoothies, and even healthy sweet treats.

Trail Mix Granola Bars

4.90 from 64 votes
Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 35 mins
Servings: 12 servings
Author: Lisa Bryan
Healthy homemade granola bars that are gluten-free and paleo friendly! Have fun switching up the nuts and seeds for different variations.


  • 2 cups nuts (almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts, etc)
  • 1/2 cup dried coconut
  • 1/4 cup dried cranberries
  • 1/4 cup pepitas
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  • Preheat your oven to 325 degrees fahrenheit and line an 8×8-inch baking pan with parchment paper.
  • Add all of the nuts, seeds, dried fruit and salt to a mixing bowl and give it a stir.
  • In a separate small bowl, stir together the vanilla extract and maple syrup. Pour this on top of the nuts and stir everything together, until it's well coated.
  • Pour the mixture into the baking pan and use the back of a large spoon or spatula to flatten it into one layer.
  • Bake for 30-35 minutes, then cool for one hour in the pan.
  • Once the granola bars are fully cooled, slice them into bars. I slice then entire portion in half, then divide each half into six bars, for 12 total granola bars.

Lisa’s Tips

  • If your bars break apart and you loose some nuts when slicing, you can always roughly chop the nuts first. Some smaller pieces of nuts will fill in the gaps and hold the bars together better.
  • If your bars are still sticky an hour after cooling, you may need to bake them a few minutes longer next time to better caramelize the maple syrup.


Calories: 191kcal, Carbohydrates: 14g, Protein: 5g, Fat: 14g, Saturated Fat: 3g, Sodium: 52mg, Potassium: 204mg, Fiber: 3g, Sugar: 7g, Calcium: 50mg, Iron: 1mg
Course: Appetizer, Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: granola bar recipe, granola bars, healthy granola bars, homemade granola bars
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183 comments on “Trail Mix Granola Bars”

  1. These look amazing! I am about to be on a very restrictive diet and am not able to use honey or maple syrup.  Are there any recommendations for alternative options?

  2. These were really easy to make, but need a little more sweetness to them. They are crumbly so they do need something else to make them stick together better. Recipe needs to be altered. Probably wont make these again tho.

    • I suggest using honey if you give it a try next time to help it stick together! Also, make sure to pat them in nice and good before baking.

  3. I add a bit of freshly ground pepper to the mixture which give is a little spicy twist. 5 stars

  4. I just made these exactly per the instructions. They taste FABULOUS! However, I couldn’t get the parchment paper off the back. It was so bad I almost threw them away. But, a 20 second zap in the microwave allowed me to peel off the parchment paper. I don’t have bars now, but I do have wonderful granola chunks. Should I have sprayed the parchment paper?5 stars

    • Interesting, they shouldn’t stick that bad. But you can definitely spray the parchment paper next time!

  5. They are just addictive! My teen literally ate half a batch right now. The house smells amazing now too. Endless possibilities with all the nuts you can combine and such an easy recipe!

    Thank you Lisa!5 stars

  6. Hi Lisa

    Thank you for your recipes, I enjoy all of them and have tried quiet a few.
    Please can you advice which is the best maple syrup brand to use? We are in UAE and would prefer to use an appropriate nutritional value ingredient. 

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  7. These are ridiculously delicious.

    I bought a silicone granola bar mold; if I used this next time I make them would you recommend changing the bake time?

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  9. This combo of flavors is so delicious and satisfying, no one minded that my first attempt could barely be called bars. It turned out more like clumped trail mix, but the sweet/salty combo is perfect! The high protein ingredients make this an excellent snack while hiking. On my second attempt I did grind some nuts and chop others very small. My result more closely resembled bars, but they were quite fragile. No worries; the same terrific flavor was still there.4 stars

  10. Thanks for this recipe. I’m struggling with getting the bars to stick together. I chopped the nuts but the bars turned out too dry and so fell apart after baking and cooling.
    It seems that the amount of maple syrup (1/4 cup) isn’t enough? Is there a way to get them to stick without increasing the maple syrup’s amount?

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  14. Can you use honey instead of maple syrup?

  15. how do you recommend storing them, and how long are they good for?

    • These will keep for up to a week in the fridge or 2 months in the freezer. If you decide to freeze, let them thaw at room temperature for about 15-20 minutes before eating.

  16. Do you measure the nuts before or after chopping ?

  17. I made these yesterday and had my first one this morning.
    These are amazing. Healthy, great flavour and crunchy. They turned out perfectly and I will definitely be making these again.
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  26. Oh. My. Gosh. 
    These are SO tasty! My list of allergies is long, but fortunately nuts are safe for me (whew!). I followed the ingredient list and proportions exactly. I did chop my nuts a bit and used about ½ cup of lightly salted cocktail peanuts and 2.5 cups of roasted salted almonds. I baked in a silicone granola bar pan ( and packed them in nice and tight into the mould. I baked for 30 minutes and they were a bit sticky, so I added an additional 5. Next time I will pull them at 30. 
    While the style of this bar is very similar to a Kind Bar, I love the taste of these so much more. The mildly sweet/salty mix is yum! 
    We will see if they last a week in my fridge. I may have to pop some in the freezer just to keep from eating them all! Thank you!!!5 stars

  27. These are so quick and easy to make and are super delicious!5 stars

    • Yay – glad you’re loving these granola bars Cindy! Stay tuned as I’ve got another granola bar recipe coming soon 😉

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    I wonder if adding half brown rice syrup and half maple syrup would harden up the bars a little more. I used to make a similar bar with all brown rice syrup and they got very hard and didn’t crumble at all.

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  33. Hey 😊 !

    The recipe was amazing except one thing.  They crumble a lot !  Could not get bars except on the two corners.   I follow the recipe but the only thing i change I used a Pyrex instead of the pan.  

    How do I correct that ?  If I will cook them longer in the Pyrex, will it work to make bars and not crumble ?  Or use more maple syrup ?

    Even like that, I will definitely make this recipe again !  

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    Thanks for all the work you do in creating fun, easy, and delicious recipes for all the rest of us! :)

    God bless you,
    Candace5 stars

  39. I over did the maple syrup thinking more maple syrup more sticking of the ingredients. I think I also over did the depth of my bars which were about 1 inch thick. I did allow 45 minutes for the cook time and plenty of time for cooling, including refridgeration / freezing before cutting.

    Next time, way less maple syrup, thinner bars, and more cooking time to caramilize the maple syrup.

    Other than that, they are delicious.

  40. I made these today and it is so good. I have seen other recipes for trail mix but too complicated, this is so easy and tasty!! I only had shredded coconut so I added 1/4 cup rolled oats, also a dash of cinnamon.  I was able to cut them nicely into bars, with just some crumbling, I ate them as cereal with unsweetened almond milk and it was sooo goood, just the right amount of sweetness.  I have been making few of your recipes and not dissatisfied. Thanks for all you do😄4 stars

    • Hi,

      Perfect timing as I wanted to bake some granola bars without using rolled oats. I have 2 questions though. I’m used to using metric measurements..Are the metrics measurement indicated here accurate and can I substitute maple syrup with raw honey and if I can, what is the right amount of honey in metrics to use? Thanks!

      • Yes, the metric measurements should be accurate. As for using honey, you would use the same amount, so 80g for honey.

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