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Greek Sheet Pan Chicken

Greek sheet pan chicken is an all-in-one meal with succulent chicken thighs nestled around vibrant, Mediterranean vegetables. Just give it a pop in the oven…


Chickpea Curry

This one-pan coconut chickpea curry is one of my favorite vegetarian dinners when I need something tasty on the fly. It’s pantry-friendly with simple ingredients…


Best Ever Chili Recipe

This is the best chili recipe, if I do say so myself! This classic beef chili is the perfect blend of meaty richness simmered with…

slow cooker recipes


Carnitas is Mexican shredded pork that’s juicy, full of flavor, and fall-apart tender. It’s also super easy to make in a slower cooker — just…

Lisa’s Favorite

July 23, 2023

Greek Lemon Chicken

This lemon chicken recipe is all about juicy, tender, and golden-baked chicken thighs coated with the best lemon-herb Greek marinade. It’s quick to prep, easy…

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