Paleo Banana Bread (Super Moist)


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Paleo Banana Bread is super moist, delicious and easy to make. Even better – it only takes one bowl! It’s gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free and the perfect morning nibble to enjoy.

Serve this paleo banana bread up with a warm cup of Chemex Coffee or if it’s summer time grab a Cold Brew Coffee.

Paleo banana bread in a loaf pan.

The Best Healthy Banana Bread

When it’s cold and rainy one of my favorite recipes is this paleo banana bread recipe. Fresh from the oven banana bread that smells out your entire kitchen with ALL the delicious smells is quite possible one of the best things in the world.

It took me four tries to get this recipe just right because I wanted that super moist texture without the paleo banana bread being overly dense. 4th try was definitely the winner! And I couldn’t be more thrilled with recipe.

It’s a super moist, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, paleo banana bread recipe that will be loved whether you’re paleo or not. Most just describe it as delicious!

How to Make Paleo Banana Bread

The great thing about this recipe is it’s a one-bowl recipe. Just toss all the ingredients in and mix it together! Give the video below a watch and see how quickly it comes together.

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit
  2. Add all of the ingredients to a large mixing bowl and blend together
  3. Pour the bread batter into a greased loaf pan
  4. Top the paleo banana bread with a fresh banana
  5. Bake the paleo banana bread for 50-60 minutes
  6. Enjoy warm and fresh out of the oven!

I just baked two loaves of this bread (again) for my dad on the weekend, sliced it up and placed two slices (with a little piece of parchment paper between) into individual ziploc bags and froze them. Then, when my dad gets a craving for banana bread, all he has to do is heat them up. Batch cooking at it’s finest.

Paleo Banana Bread is super moist, delicious and easy to make. It's gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free and the perfect healthy quick bread recipe.

Paleo Banana Bread is super moist, delicious and easy to make. It's gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free and the perfect healthy quick bread recipe.

Paleo Banana Bread is super moist, delicious and easy to make. It's gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free and the perfect healthy quick bread recipe.

A Few Extra Tips

This video below walks you through how easy it is to make this paleo banana bread recipe. But here’s a few tips:

  • Make sure you’ve got bananas that are several days old and they’re all brown and splotchy (which means they’re sweeter inside). I don’t add a lot of extra sugar in this recipe because I think the bananas are sweet enough on their own.
  • Mash the bananas in a bowl and add the remainder of the ingredients. I tend to add the dry ingredients first and then the wet, just so that when I turn on the hand mixer flour is less likely to blow up everywhere. But it doesn’t really matter the order.
  • Beat the dough for about 30 seconds. It’s best if you don’t over beat before pouring into the loaf pan.
  • Banana bread does get quite golden on the outside and given that everyone’s oven temps vary, just keep an eye on your first batch.
  • For a muffin version of this recipe, make sure to check out my Paleo Banana Nut Muffins.

Paleo Banana Bread is super moist, delicious and easy to make. It's gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free and the perfect healthy quick bread recipe.

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Paleo banana bread in a loaf pan.

Paleo Banana Bread (Super Moist!)

4.94 from 187 votes
Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 1 hour
Total: 1 hour 10 minutes
Servings: 10 slices
Author: Lisa Bryan


This healthy, super moist, paleo banana bread recipe is delicious and easy to make - it only takes one bowl! It's gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free. Watch the video for step-by-step instructions.



*Additional butter or coconut oil is needed to grease the loaf pan


    • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit.
    • Use butter or coconut oil to grease the inside of a loaf pan (8.5 x 4.5 inch) and set aside.
    • Mash the bananas with a fork in a mixing bowl. Add the remaining ingredients, then use a hand mixer to blend everything together for 30 seconds. Pour the batter into the loaf pan
    • Peel and slice the fresh banana in half lengthwise, then place it on top of the batter.
    • Cook the banana bread for 50-60 minutes. If the top gets too golden, you can cover with a piece of aluminum foil. Use a toothpick to test that the banana bread is cooked through.
    • Remove the banana bread and let it cool for 5 minutes in the loaf pan. Then slice it up and enjoy.


    Serving: 1slice | Calories: 258kcal | Carbohydrates: 25g | Protein: 6g | Fat: 16g | Saturated Fat: 4g | Cholesterol: 44mg | Sodium: 237mg | Potassium: 143mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 12g | Vitamin A: 210IU | Vitamin C: 3.1mg | Calcium: 57mg | Iron: 1.2mg
    Course: Breakfast
    Cuisine: American
    Keyword: banana bread, paleo banana bread
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    Originally posted December 2016, but recently updated to include new information. 

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    1. Adding the sliced banana on top unfortunately prevented the bread from cooking thoroughly and it was a soggy raw mess underneath the banana, even after cooking for 60+ minutes. Too bad because the parts of the bread that didn’t have the banana on top looked fine and it would have been edible otherwise.

      1. Hi Natalie – I’m sorry you had issues when making this recipe, but I can assure you the banana on top doesn’t prevent it from cooking (just read all the 5 star reviews below). :) If your bread was still raw and soggy after 60 minutes it sounds like your oven wasn’t properly pre-heated and/or it’s not calibrated to temperature. Hope your next try comes out better!

    2. I made this the other day but instead of bread I made muffins. My first time making muffins. These are very good. I think next time I will mix the batter a little more. Some muffins had more flavor than others. I do love the texture, it is fluffy and light. I will try this again. 👍🏾5 stars

      1. Hi Thelma – Congrats on your first batch of muffins! I actually have a Paleo Banana Muffins recipe up on my website if you want to take a peek at that :)

    3. It’s a struggle to get tapioca flour in the U.K. so I substituted with almond flour and 1/4 tea spoon xanthan gum . I also added dark chocolate chips and WOW this is the best banana bread, I was slightly worried it wouldn’t be as good as my standard banana bread recipe using white flour and refined sugars but was happy to trade flavour for *health* but you are not compromising on flavour With this recipe at all and I think it may even be BETTER 🤤.5 stars

      1. Hi Kristy – I always make sure to test my baking recipes so that they taste just like the real thing :) So I’m glad you enjoyed this banana bread so much!

    4. Am i crazy?! I bought a loaf pan JUST for this recipe. It finally arrived today and now the banana bread is in the oven… and smells amazing!! Ooooh i cant wait. I slightly reduced the honey and added some dark chocolate chips.5 stars

      1. Hi Janet- You are not crazy at all! Trust me, that loaf pan will come in handy for future bread recipes I make down the road :)

    5. I love this recipe! I made this banana bread twice and its a bit hit!! So moist and soft. I added walnut for some crunch and substituted honey with maple syrup. Thank you so much for your amazing recipes!!5 stars

    6. Love! Love! Love! The best banana bread hands down. I have made a variation using hazelnut flour instead of almond flour and came out great. Now I have to exercise self control to not eat all at once. 😁5 stars

      1. Hi Lilian – Glad this came out using hazelnut flour! And also, I would recommend to freeze the leftovers so you can save some for way later :)

    7. You know a recipe is amazing when you forget to add the vanilla AND butter, but it still tastes INCREDIBLE! I can’t believe I forgot to add the ingredients, but the recipe still came out so good. I can’t wait to make this again WITH ALL THE INGREDIENTS this time!!5 stars

      1. Hi Gary – How funny! Interesting to hear this recipe still turned out delicious even though it was missing those 2 ingredients :)

    8. Hi Lisa, 
      Made your banana bread yesterday. It’s absolutely delicious! Even my husband who dont like bananas liked it! 
      Thank you very much for all your excellent recipe!! <35 stars

      1. Hi Charlotte- Wow! Surprised your husband enjoyed this even though he doesn’t like bananas :) Glad you both enjoyed this recipe.

    9. This banana bread is excellent! I made a non-GF banana bread one week prior as I do just fine with gluten. What was promised to be the best ever banana bread was good but it called for oats and I just wasn’t digging the texture. I decided to try this bread and I have to say, it does not disappoint. The texture is perfect. It’s light and bouncy and all the things you want in a homemade bread. You could serve this to anyone and they would have no clue it’s made of alternative flours. For an extra pop, I added about a half cup of frozen blueberries toward the end of mixing as I didn’t have the extra banana to put on top (someone in my house ate it without my knowing). The combination is great and I highly recommend trying if you are a blueberry fan!5 stars

      1. Hi Kyle – I’m so glad you found a winning banana bread recipe that you love, even though it’s gluten-free! And I love the additions of blueberries :)

    10. Wow! This banana bread is so moist with a subtle sweetness that made me want to keep eating it. Thanks for this delicious gluten free recipe. Definitely making again. 5 stars

    11. I want to make this recipe but wanted to know, can you use Paleo flour in place of almond? For example the King Arthur Paleo Flour mix has Blanched Almonds, Cassava Flour and Coconut Flour? My family loves banana bread and with the rave reviews, can’t wait to try it out!

      1. Hi Brittany – I haven’t tried that one, but it should probably work. Let me know if you try it!

    12. I made this amazing recipe last night.
       my dad is very picky and he tasted it and he was impressed btw this banana bread didn’t last til the next day.5 stars

    13. I tried this recipe yesterday but I didn’t have Almond flour or Tapioca flour so I used a mix of regular wheat flour and hemp flour instead. The taste is great but the texture came out quite dense and a little drier than I expected. I think it might have been due to the hemp flour and I will definitely try it again with the ingredients specified in the recipe!5 stars

      1. Hi Lexie- Yes, those 2 flours are quite dense compared to almond and tapioca flour! If you can use almond flour, that would be the best :)

    14. Love this recipe and so does my family!!! I found you randomly searching for almond butter recipes and since then I have tried several of your yummy recipes! I also love following you on Instagram!

      Thank you so much!!! 5 stars

      1. Hi Jennifer – So glad you stumbled upon Downshiftology and continue to enjoy my recipes :)

    15. Lisa, your recipes never disappoint! I doubled the recipe. it was so delicious and disappeared quickly. The texture is better than any other paleo banana bread I’ve ever tried. And I’ve tried many! Thanks for another great recipe! 5 stars

    16. My sister and I loved this recipe! The banana bread was so moist and fluffy! I’ve tried other paleo versions but they ended up not rising/being really dense. And the banana halves on top made it even better. Thank you, Lisa!!5 stars

      1. Hi Andrea – So glad you and your sister have found a paleo recipe that works! This is one to keep on hand anytime you have super ripe bananas :)

    17. I made this the other night and it was absolutely delish! I was honestly a little hesitant and I was so suprised how good it turned out. It was very moist and honestly almost better then the original version. 
      Will definitely make again!5 stars

      1. Hi Inez – I always make sure my paleo baked goods have the same textures and flavors as the real thing! So, I’m happy to hear you loved this banana bread :)

      1. Yay! I’m so happy you loved the recipe Sarai. It’s one I have on repeat all the time as well.

    18. I followed the recipe and my bread was done in 50 mins. I added chocolate chips on top. This is the BEST Banana bread I’ve had. So healthy and so moist. Perfect recipe as always!5 stars

    19. Absolutely love this banana bread! I didn’t have gluten free flour so I used AP flour and it turned out amazing as well!!5 stars

      1. Hi Alicia – Good to know this still turned out okay with AP flour! I will keep that in mind :)

    20. I’d never made banana bread before. But as I was watching a bunch of bananas go to waste, I thought, “let me see if Lisa has a recipe for banana bread.” Of course, you do! This was super delicious and super easy to make – even for a beginner like myself! I added pecans because I love nuts in anything that’s baked, and it was perfect! Thanks, Lisa!5 stars

      1. Hi Darlina – Happy to hear you enjoyed this banana bread recipe! It’s always a good idea when you have bananas that are about to go bad.

    21. I never bake anything but I decided to give this recipe a try … it was the best banana bread I’ve ever had, not too sweet and very moist! Will make it again for sure!5 stars

      1. Hi Thais – Thrilled to hear you loved this recipe, especially since you don’t bake that often! Now, you can try all my other baking recipes :)

    22. I tried this recipe yesterday but I didn’t have enough Almond flour, and Tapioca flour isn’t available where I’m from. So I used 1 cup of Almond flour and 1.5 cups of Buckwheat Flour. The taste is great but the texture came out quite dense, almost hard to swallow in a way. Do you think I would need to use less buckwheat for the proper texture? I should also mention that I used a round cake pan as I don’t yet have a loaf pan.

      It was still a hit though, husband had 3 pieces in a row and my toddler liked it too :)5 stars

      1. Hi Terri – Yes, buckwheat flour can be a bit dense, which is why I normally use tapioca flour. But if you can find a gluten free flour blend, that will work for this recipe :)

        1. I found tapioca flour locally!! YAY! A few of your recipes include it so I’m really happy to have found it. Now if only I could find Cassava and Arrowroot too :)

          I’ll be trying this recipe again soon.5 stars

    23. Does anyone had to bake for longer? I baked for 60 minutes and it wasn’t nearly enough. Please share your experiences!

      1. Hi Sam – all ovens cook slightly different, so you may need to cook a bit longer in your oven. If you notice the top turning too dark, you can always add aluminum foil on top to prevent it from darkening too much. Hope that helps!

      1. Hi Luana – you could use hazelnut flour. Or you could try a gluten-free flour blend (though I haven’t tried that yet myself).

    24. Wowww!!!! Lisa just amazing recipe… we loved it and how delicately moist it was.. everyone had seconds and loved it.. thank you for another delicacy:)5 stars

      1. Hi Monica – So glad everyone enjoyed this banana bread! Looks like you found a winning recipe anytime you have leftover bananas :)

    25. This banana bread is da bomb!!! I am not a baker, but this was si easy to make. I only used almond flour, as I don’t have tapioca. It came out amazingly delicious and moist. Thank you Lisa!5 stars

      1. Hi Madalina – I’m so glad this recipe still came together perfectly with just almond flour!

      2. Hi Madalina! Did you substitute the tapioca flour for almond flour in this recipe, or did you just cut out the tapioca flour (less flour used overall)?
        Please let me know!

        Thanks :)

    26. Great recipe! Perfect texture.
      I subbed butter for avocado oil.
      I find mixing the bananas with all the wet ingredients (mashing then whisking them) and in a separate bowl mixing the dry ingredients together then adding the wet to dry and folding it with a silicone spatula then mixing allows everything to mix together perfectly.
      I really appreciate this recipe, I have an autoimmune disorder and can’t eat grain or nightshades so this totally is a win for me.
      Thank you.5 stars

      1. Hi Julia – I’m happy to hear you enjoyed this recipe! Now you have a banana bread recipe to keep up your sleeves :)

    27. My go to banana bread recipe which I make regularly for over a year now. It always turns out perfect! I can freeze any leftovers and enjoy them later just heating them in a toaster. Amazing recipe!!!5 stars

      1. Hi Brigita- Excited to hear that this is now your go-to banana bread recipe! Definitely a great treat to store in the freezer :)

    28. I really want to try this but what can I use instead of tapioca flour it’s not available her can I increase the amount of almond flour instead :)

      1. Hi Aseel – If you don’t have any tapioca flour, you can definitely try using either more almond flour or a gluten free flour blend.

      1. Hi Jenny- I will definitely keep that in mind :) In the meantime – you can use an egg substitute for this recipe.

    29. Love, love, love this recipe! It’s everyone’s favourite banana bread once they tried it, and also quick and super easy to make!5 stars

      1. Hi Andreina – Thrilled that everyone loved this bread! Now you have to whip up my paleo banana muffins for an easy, on-the-go option :)

    30. There’s no coconut flour in this recipe!!! I’m so going to try this as soon as my bananas ripen enough. Looks delicious. 

    31. This is the best banana bread I have ever made! So easy and Healthy! It cooks to a dark brown color, but stays so moist on the inside. Thank you Lisa for another keeper!5 stars

      1. Hi Jane – I’m so happy you loved this banana bread! You’ll definitely need to try my banana muffins next :)

        1. Im allergic to dairy, can I omit the oil all together? 
          Ps. I love your videos so much and really appreciate your reply back💛 
          Much love from Egypt xx

        2. You could try substituting applesauce or mashed bananas. But you might need more liquid to retain the proper texture. I’m happy you’re loving all my videos Farah! :) x

    32. The absolute best gluten free banana bread recipe ever! Nevermind that, its an amazing banana bread period. Moist, fluffy, excellent crumb; you wouldn’t even know it was gluten-free honestly. Yet again, Lisa knocks it out of the park with an effortless and delicious recipe. It really is as easy as it looks. Thank you!5 stars

      1. Hi Sara – So happy to hear you loved this banana bread! I always try to nail my baked goods to taste just like the real thing :)

    33. So I made this banana bread last night and it is amazing :) not too sweet, not too dense and really moist – just perfect. I only had one little replacement, I switched tapioca flour for arrowroot powder as I didn’t have any tapioca and it turned put great :)
      Thank you Lisa for such an amazing recipe :))5 stars

      1. Hi Becky – So glad you were able to make this with what you had! It really is the perfect balance between sweet and savory :)

    34. Hello Lisa. Having been an avid baker for years, I must admit I was skeptical about how good this would be without regular flour and sugar, but to my surprise it is absolutely delicious! So thankful for your recipes, as I have a great deal of inflammation and am trying to improve my diet and lifestyle choices. We also just finished your meal prep for winter, and were delighted to have such a variety of meals to make for almost a week. Keep the great meal plans coming! Love your channel! 5 stars

      1. Hi Margie – I’m so glad you’re loving the meal prep along with the recipes in it :) Stay tuned for tons more new ideas coming in the new year!

    35. This has become my go to recipe for banana bread, my Dad asks me to make it for him weekly because he snagged a bite when at my house one week and became hooked. I am so happy to be sharing these delicious recipes with my family. Forever thankful Lisa! <35 stars

      1. Hi Selena – Aw, I am so happy to hear that! I’m glad you and your family can enjoy this recipe for a lifetime :)

    36. I am home recovering from breast cancer surgery. Going thru this has basically changed my life and part of that change is to eat clean and healthy. I made this a week ago and really enjoyed it very much. I didn’t have honey so I used maple syrup. Thank you Lisa for helping me make these changes so I can be as healthy as I can going forward. 5 stars

      1. Hi Linda – I am so sorry to hear about that, but glad to know that you are on your way to a healthier lifestyle and that I can help contribute to that :)

    37. I made this to have for breakfast over the thanksgiving holiday. It was so easy and so delicious – lots of gluten eaters who had no idea it was gluten free, which in my opinion is the biggest compliment! I did sub maple syrup for the honey for some expecting mothers who aren’t eating any honey and it still came out perfectly. I’m going to make this again just for myself. 5 stars

      1. Hi Maureen – That is the goal with all my baked goods! To make it taste like the real thing :) So happy to hear you and your family enjoyed this banana bread over the holidays!

    38. Hi!  Was wondering if I could use a substitute for the honey and use a nutribullet instead of a hand mixer?  Thank you!!!

      1. Hi Sharon – you could definitely use a substitute for the honey, but I wouldn’t recommend the nutribullet. As a blender, it will puree rather than mix the ingredients.

    39. I made this for the first time a few weeks ago and oh my god is this divine. There are no words to describe how delicious this banana bread is. And I am a picky eater ! I now make it most weeks and my husband and I fight over the last crumbs ! Thank you. I’m so happy I discovered your blog and channel. They are both lovely to read/watch and the recipes all look delicious.5 stars

      1. Hi Julia – I’m glad you loved this banana bread, and welcome to the Downshiftology community :) I hope you continue to enjoy all my simple and healthy recipes!

    40. My first time making and I tend to free style measurements so I may have put a touch too much baking soda or salt but it was delicious. I also added 60% cacao chips sparingly – so yum. I will have to play around with my tin again as I rubbed my bread pan in coconut oil and the sides and bottom were too dark for my liking so I sliced them off. At 50 minutes it was just shy of being done but I think 60 minutes was too much probably just needed 5 more minutes. Eager to try this again.5 stars

      1. Hi Tracy – Yum! I love how you added cacao chips to this. As for the recipe measurements, I’ve always tried to test my recipes to the T to make sure it comes out perfectly everytime :) Definitely let me know how it turns out the second time you make it!