Top 10 Recipes Of 2019


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The top 10 recipes on Downshiftology this year were a mix of healthy basics and easy weeknight meals. But building on last year’s video success, it looks like egg tutorials are still the MVPs!

Collage of the best recipe photos on Downshiftology.

Top 10 Recipes Of 2019

2019 was a year of massive growth for Downshiftology. I feel somewhat repetitive saying that (as I’ve said it the last two years), but it’s true and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Downshiftology reached more people than ever before, but it’s the kind and supportive community that keeps me motivated day after day. I couldn’t have done this without you, my loyal Downshifters, so thank you!

The content on this website was viewed more than 28 million times (up from 10 million in 2018). But holy smokes, YouTube never ceases to amaze me. I started the year with 375,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel and finished the year with 780,000. We blew past that 500,000 subscriber milestone like nobody’s business. Wow.

Two YouTube videos reached the one million view milestone, including How to Boil Eggs Perfectly and Spiralizer Beginner’s Guide. And two other videos have now surpassed 6 million views each, How to Poach an Egg and my first Meal Prep Ideas video. Who knew a little video about poached eggs would become so popular?!

In 2019 I also hired my first full time employee (yay) and I have grand plans for bringing on more help in 2020. I certainly can’t do this on my own anymore and to be honest, it’s so much more fun to have a team to bounce ideas off of and celebrate the wins.

This year I also created a private Facebook group for our community. A supportive space where you can ask questions, share tips, share photos of your recipes and learn from each other. And in the first 6 months, nearly 10,000 phenomenal Downshifters from around the world joined.

Alright, so which recipes were most popular this year? As usual, it’s a combination of healthy basics and easy weeknight meals. The proverbial bread and butter of Downshiftology. Simple recipes like baked sweet potato, lentils and coleslaw dressing were home runs, along with comfort foods like falafel, baked chicken and zucchini lasagna. But a dessert almost always sneaks in to the top 10 list, and this year it was candied orange peels. A holiday favorite!

If we look at my Top 9 on Instagram it’s a mix of family, food and community. There were high highs, and low lows. Much of my 2019 centered around my dad, and ultimately his passing. It was the most profound grief I’ve ever experienced. But 2019 also brought a larger community, new meal prep videos, and more no-recipe posts (your favorite).

With the rollercoaster of 2019, I’ve never been more excited to usher in a new year, and a new decade. Let’s do this 2020!

The Top 10 Most Viewed Recipes In 2019

1. Baked Sweet Potato

Baked sweet potato is a healthy side dish or main meal. Learn how to bake sweet potatoes in the oven perfectly.

2. Shredded Chicken

How to make shredded chicken that's easy, fast and flavorful. It's my favorite method for making shredded chicken.

3. Vinegar Coleslaw

Vinegar based coleslaw in a white bowl.

4. Coleslaw Dressing

Coleslaw dressing in a glass jar with a spoon.

5. How To Cook Lentils

How to cook lentils perfectly. Lentils are small legumes loaded with plant-based protein and nutrients and they're delicious in a variety of healthy recipes.

6. Candied Orange Peel

Candied orange peel is the perfect sweet treat. It's slightly bitter with a burst of orange and deliciously sweet.

7. Falafel

A plate of falafel drizzled with tahini sauce.

8. French Onion Dip

French onion dip with a potato chip scooping it up.

9. Crispy Baked Chicken

Baked chicken thighs are crispy, juicy, healthy and make for the perfect weeknight recipe!

10. Zucchini Lasagna

Zucchini lasagna in a white casserole dish.

While these were the top 10 recipes in 2019, here’s also a quick list of my *all-time* most popular recipes and posts:

It’ll be interesting to see how the all-time rankings change as this blog and wonderful Downshiftology community grows. Best wishes to all of you for a Happy New Year!

xo, Lisa

PS – If you’re keeping track, here were the Top 10 Recipes of 2018, Top 10 Recipes of 2017, Top 10 Recipes of 2016, and Top 10 Recipes of 2015.

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  1. Hi Lisa love what you are doing keep up the good work can you help me with simple steps for accessing your pdf prep meals

    1. Hi Elizabeth – You can access all my downloadable PDF’s if you subscribe to my mailing list :)

  2. Love your everything! …but don’t have time to download and print constantly and really want a handy cookbook sectioned by ingredient and /or by meal classification – so i can go to it whenever I need to access it or take with me to grocery store. Maybe compile by year but I don’t always have access to internet nor am I organized to think that far ahead for what I need when. Please!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Congratulations on your success!
    I am new and I am SO HAPPY I found Downshiftology!!! I need to make my life so much more healthy , but everyone else makes it look so awful and boring and hard and generally no fun!
    …..BUT YOU changed that perception for me. You are delightful and I love, love, love your ideas and recipes and the way you present them! You inspire me and watching and reading your videos and blog make me want to be better myself.
    I have a long way to go – and I am old! (OK maybe not THAT old, but older than most of your Downshifters! LOL) Change comes much harder these days. But I know I can do it – I can make a difference in my health! And I am trying NEW things – even at this age – because you make it look BEAUTIFUL and EASY!!
    So thank you very much for your work and please keep it up!! I am now forever downshifting!! :-)

    1. Hi Becky – I am so glad you stumbled upon my channel as well! Thrilled to hear you’re loving all my videos and recipes, and the fact that I get to help you get back on track to healthy eating and living :)

  4. Is it just me, or is this a surprising list? You make really cool recipes, and these basics are the most viewed? Your French onion dip looks pretty awesome btw.

    Happy New Year Lisa!