Vitamix Food Processor: Is It Worth It?


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The new Vitamix Food Processor is an absolute game-changer. Using the standard blender base as the motor, all you have to do is swap the top container for a 2-in-1 high-powered blender plus food processor!

Girl looking at Vitamix food processor with sliced cucumber inside.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy about a new kitchen product launch in a long time. One of the most common questions I get is “do I need to buy a food processor in addition to a blender?” Meaning, can the blender just do it all. And unfortunately, the answer is no. While I adore my Vitamix blender, there’s just certain things a food processor can do that a blender can’t do (which I’ll explain below).

But instead of having to buy a completely separate food processor, which is more costly and larger to store, you can buy the new 12-cup food processor from Vitamix. This truly is a game-changer for Vitamix owners. And it might just nudge those who’ve been on the fence about a Vitamix to finally jump all-in.

Vitamix Food Processor Review Video

Want a first-look at the new food processor? Watch the review video below! 

Vitamix Food Processor Features

The beauty of a food processor is that it makes food preparation easy. Here are some features and benefits of the Vitamix Food Processor:

  • Compatibility: It’s compatible with Vitamix Ascent and Venturist machines. If you have model A3500 (the same as me), A3300, A2500, and V1200 you can use the new food processor.
  • Compact Storage: Because the food processor uses the blender motor base, all you have to do store is the top container. That makes it perfect for small spaces (and it’s lighter weight).
  • 12-Cup Bowl: Not too big and not too small, this is the most popular size to whip up a variety of recipes. And there’s easy to read measurement markings on the side.
  • Powerful Motor: If you already have a Vitamix, you know the strength of the motor. It’s truly what you’re investing in. Now you can leverage that same awesome power for your food processor.
  • Blade Options: It can slice shred and chop with expert precision. There’s two sizes of shredding blades, two sizes of slicing blades, and the standard S-blade for chopping. All blades are stainless steel.
  • Quick Release Button: A lever at the base of the container allows you to quickly remove the container from the base (this is super convenient).
  • No Complicated Twist Lock: Most food processors have a twist lock mechanism. But the Vitamix food processor uses their patented, wireless self-detect technology to automatically shut off if not safely assembled.
  • Dishwasher Safe: When you’re done making a recipe, just pop the container in your dishwasher. Gotta love easy clean up.
  • Warranty: There’s a 3-year warranty on the bowl and base, and a 1-year warranty on the blade and discs. The motor warranty would be that of your blender, which is usually superb with Vitamix (along with their customer service).

Bowls of sliced and shredded vegetables.

When to Use a Food Processor Versus a Blender

I consider both a food processor and a blender to be necessary items in the kitchen. While there’s some overlap with what they can do, they each have their strengths.

What a Blender Can Do

This might be surprising to most, but a blender’s blades are not typically sharp, they’re actually blunt. But it’s okay because that’s not what’s most important. What is important is the high-powered blender motor (and Vitamix reigns supreme here) to pulverize and liquify virtually anything you put into the container. That makes a blender perfect for any liquids, purees, or smooth textured recipes, including almond milk, butternut squash soup, tahini, a green smoothie, or strawberry margarita.

What a Food Processor Can Do

A food processor has razor sharp blades (think, mandoline sharp) and usually a less powerful motor (though not the case here). The biggest benefit of a food processor is speeding up food preparation tasks, like slicing, shredding and chopping. These are things you can do on your own with a knife, but they’re oh, so much easier with a food processor. That makes a food processor perfect for more textural foods, including cauliflower rice, falafel, energy balls, and chunky salsa. And it’s an amazing time saver when making carrot cake (so many grated carrots!).

What They Can Both Do

And now to confuse things, there is some overlap in what they can both do. You’ve seen me make pesto, hummus, almond butter, and acai bowls in both my blender and food processor. The blender will provide a smoother texture to the hummus and almond butter (and make them faster). But if you’re not careful, you can easily overblend pesto and lose that trademark chunky texture, or liquify your thick smoothie bowl into a straight-up smoothie. Additionally, they can both make many sauces, like my chipotle sauce, but the food processor is best for small quantities, given the lower blades, and the blender is better for larger batches.

Bowls of sliced and shredded vegetables in front of the Vitamix food processor.

Should You Buy The Vitamix Food Processor?

I’ve owned Vitamix blenders for 10+ years, long before I ever became a food blogger. They’re simply the best on the market and worth the investment. So I think it’s a no-brainer to purchase the food processor and extend the functionality of your Vitamix base. It’s cheaper than buying another food processor, takes up less space, and easy to use.

And if you’re like me, your blender is always on your countertop. So all you have to do is swap the lightweight containers and not lug a heavy appliance from your cabinet to your countertop. Then, you can whip up a wide assortment of Vitamix recipes. Oh yes, my love for Vitamix just got deeper.

This post was generously sponsored by Vitamix. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors and their products I genuinely use and love.

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  1. The Vitamix Ascent Series A3500 is a pro-grade smart blender that boasts a 64 oz. Container, Stainless-Steel Blades, and Touch Controls with 5 Programs.

  2. this vitamix is truly a masterpiece, heard the work bowl attachment is compatible with Ascent series and Venturist motor base…. I like the fact that eliminates the idea of buying another stand alone cookware. Buy one, Get two, quite innovative.


  3. Is it possible to use the on/off switch on the Vitamix base to pulse material in the food processor? 

  4. Have you tried their Food Processor Attachment Reversible Fine Shred & Ultra-Thin Slice Disc? I have seen any videos or reviews yet and I’m curious what you think about those blades.

    They also came out with a veggie match stick blade.

  5. Perfect info and video. You established your expertise and described succinctly, but comprehensively, the features and reasons to get the food processor attachment. I love the finger holes in the slicer blades. Such a convenience and safety feature as it avoids the risk of touching the sharp blade when handling the disk.
    Unlike every food processor that I have used, the slicer disk does not hurl the slices at the sides of the processor. This makes it easy to handle the slice and avoids ‘damaging’ the slices. And it looks uber cool to boot!

  6. Good afternoon,

    I have been a big fan for quite a while and have recommended your site to a number of people.

    But this is my first comment because I am very confused about which Vita Mix you use/recommend as the link I clicked on took me to Amazon and the 12 cup food processor attachment for $199.95

    The link on your website took me to but it shows a number of models so I’m not sure if you will get a commission on the purchase I make through that site and I want to be sure I purchase the newest VitaMix model that you use and recommend. 

    Appreciate your guidance!

    Lida Tait
    Sent Aug 8, 2021

    1. Hi Lida – Thanks so much for all your support! You can find the exact Vitamix I use in the Shop page on my website, which is the Vitamix A3500.

    1. Hi Shirley – I believe it should be okay, but I would reach out to Vitamix just to make sure!

  7. Dear Lisa,
    I started watching your youtube videos and quickly got addicted. I think I watched 95% of them in 24 hours or less. I was so excited to find you, your recipes and love for food that I have as well as sharing your food issues with celiac disease. I could so relate to your site, information and recipes because of my food allergies as well. Your videos on organizing was so information that I actually went on Amazon that same night and bought the Weck jars and a few other organizational items. Learning how the storage units you were using (ironically same as mine) were not air tight, greatly influenced my decision to start making changes on how I store my food as well. Thank you! For sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience on your site/blog/youtube etc. It’s been a breathe of fresh air for me. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Linda – I’m thrilled to hear you finally discovered Downshiftology and are enjoying all my recipes, tips, and content so far! Hope you continue to learn new things and enjoy new recipes along the way :)

  8. I just brought a food processor from costco and i have not been able to get it to work everytime i put it on the vitamix. Am i doing something wrong? I brought the Vitamix Venturist 1200 so that it would work but it just shos the dots and if i move it around or push down on the container it will sometimes work for a second and shut off.

  9. Make sure it fits your Vitamix model.  I returned mine.  Tried to make hummus and the blades locked up and the blender stared chewing up the teeth on the bottom of the blender attachment.  So make sure it fit in properly.

  10. Hi Lisa, thanks for your inspiring recipes and beautiful Website and Videos! We just recently discovered your site. Do you know when the Vitamin food processor accessory will hit the shelves in Europe? Kind regards from Germany 

    1. Hi Nathalie – welcome to the Downshiftology community! I’m not sure when they will hit Europe, but you can email them directly :)

  11. Love my new Vitamix!  I’m now considering buying the food processor as well.  Which blade SPIRALIZES?  Zucchini and carrots!
    If none, which comes the closest and please demonstrate. 
    I look forward to hearing from you on this.

    1. Hi Paulette – unfortunately, there’s no spiralizing blades on a food processor. The closest would be the shredding blade.

  12. Hello, I’m just discovering your blog and will definitely visit again. I really like the idea of having only the Vitamix base on my countertop and swap the blender with the food processor like you did for your cake recipe. Some reviews mention the food processor is loud. What is your take on that? I currently own a 9-cup Cuisinart and wanted to get a bigger one. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jessica – I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog! If you’re used to the noise of a Vitamix blender, I don’t think it’s much different.

  13. Thank you so much for this review! I was going to purchase the Cuisinart for $199 but I decided to buy the Vitamix food processor instead. I’ve been watching your Vitamix videos, wanting to start eating healthier, less processed foods, and this was the video that convinced me to try Vitamix.

    I went online on the Home Depot website and bought the Vitamix food processor and the Ascent A2500. I had a 15% coupon and got them both for an amazing price (and of course free shipping).

    Thank you so much for your recipes and videos. I have Hashimoto’s, osteoarthritis and I had colon cancer. I’m anxious to make changes and your videos will help me do that.

    I do have one request for you – can you come up with a recipe for ginger ale (fizzy if possible) that actually contains real ginger and no HFCS? I’m not a big fan of ginger but it does soothe an upset stomach.

    Thank you Lisa!

  14. Thanks for the great review ! Can you tell me if this works well for shredding cheese and would it work for making oat flour?  I am thinking to just get this as a separate attachment , rather than a dry blade container.

    1. Hi Nerissa – yes, it’s great with cheese! I haven’t tried making oat flour with it, but I’m sure that would work as well.

  15. I have wanted a VITAMIX for years!! I have seen them on display in grocery stores and would LOVE to own one and use EVERY day.

  16. Hi Lisa – thank you for sharing this video.  I purchased an Ascent blender and this would be a terrific addition. I am curious though, as compared to slicing and dicing tomato using a sharp knife, do you think this attachment successfully processes more delicate items as well it slices cucumber and potato?

    1. Hi Julie – I’m glad you enjoyed the video! I haven’t tried this yet with tomatoes or softer veggies, is that what you’re referring to?

  17. Hi Lisa! Loved the video. Do you know if the food processor attachment will be compatible for the accent international models. E.g the models with the “I” at the end, such as A3500i? 

    1. Hi Alvina – that’s a great question. My understanding is that it works with all smart-series blenders (which that is), but I’d email Vitamix just to confirm.

  18. Great videos Lisa, thank you! Last year, I bought a Vitamix because I wanted to try your recipes and I make lots of them on a regular basis with my Vitamix 😃, I need a new food processor and can’t wait to buy this but a quick question, can you use the blade to make pastry, like pie crust? 

    1. Hi Pari – that’s great you snagged a Vitamix last year – congrats! It really is useful for so many different recipes. And yes, you can definitely use it to make pie crust! I’ll have to add some new pie recipes this fall and winter. :)

  19. I have a vita mix model 750, sadly it appears that this device will not fit my machine. It looks like a great addition but with the seemingly very limited application of the various models.

    1. Yes, it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t work with all models. But the technology is quite sophisticated (with the food processor blades running at a lower speed than the blender blades), and relies on the smart-series machines for those built-in advancements. The 750 is still a great blender (I have it as well) and blends like a champ!

  20. I have come to enjoy using the Vitamix, and thank you for sharing the tips and tricks. I recently traded a refurbished Vitamix for the Accents A3500. I had also purchased a dry container to go with refurb unit, but Vitamix allowed me to exchange dry container self detect for my new A3500 purchase. I’m wondering should I not get the Dry container and just get the food processor instead? I wanted the Dry to be able to make breads. I do have a Kitchenaid mixer which can allow me to make breads. Your thoughts?

    1. Hi Val – that’s great you recently traded-in and upgraded to the Ascent A3500 – congrats! Unfortunately, I don’t make a lot of breads (other than quick breads) so I might not be your best resource, but personally, I very rarely use my dry container. I think the food processor is a much more versatile attachment, and can likely do everything the dry container can do, and more!

  21. Lisa. I love your site and where do I buy Vitamix/food processor like the one you have. I have very limited quality products and am ready to upgrade.

    1. You can find the Vitamix I have listed in the Shop page on my website! Or you can head over to the Vitamix website for more models and the food processor attachment.

  22. The only drawback I can see is it doesn’t have a pulse option, is this right? Either way, it looks like a great product.

  23. Wow! I’m stoked for the Vitamix food processor and your cheesecake here looks to DIE for!!! Can’t wait to make it! I was only a bit concerned when you did the chocolate curls and I saw aluminum coming off in the chocolate😳🤢🤔. Avoiding toxic metals like aluminum here, like I hope everyone is…is there another way to get chocolate curls? Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Amy – I’m happy you loved the new food processor review and cheesecake recipe! Unfortunately, I used a brand new food scraper (which was super sharp!!) when I made those curls for the video. Normally, if I use a metal spatula that doesn’t happen. You could also scrape the curls off any flat surface, like a marble cutting board as well. Hope that helps! :)

  24. I was so excited to get the email announcing a food processor for the vitamix. Unfortunately I have a model 5200 and Vitamix did not make the food processor compliant with legacy models. That’s very unfortunate and extremely disappointing to me.

    1. Hi Debra – yes, it’s a bummer that the new food processor doesn’t work with all models, but the technology inside to make it compatible with the blender base is quite sophisticated. That’s why it only works with smart-series blenders, like the Ascent and Venturist models. You’ve still got a great blender though!

  25. I have been waiting for this! Your endorsement seals the deal. Thank you, Lisa. You have helped me more than I can explain to move toward preparation of simple and healthy foods with so much fun doing it!

  26. This is awesome Lisa! Excellent review and I am now looking forward to getting the food processor. The only thing that I missed was the coupon for all downshifters to buy one right away hehehehe

  27. I only have a Ninja and would love to have a Vitamix. This looks fabulous–everything all in one!  Love all your posts and you tube posts!