Meal Prep for Winter


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My winter meal prep includes ingredients and recipes that are perfect for these cold winter months. I’ll show you how easy it is to turn 10 ingredients into a variety of hearty and nourishing meals including warm salads, spicy breakfasts, filling dinners and tasty snacks.

Meal prep for winter with hearty, nourishing and healthy recipes.

Winter Meal Prep – Watch As I Meal Prep for the Week

Back by popular demand, I have a new seasonal meal prep video for you. This is the 4th seasonal meal prep video in a series (plus a meal prep containers video).

Make sure to go back and watch the others to learn more about my meal prep approach, which is to prep a handful of ingredients for easy, mix-and-match meals throughout the week.

In today’s video I’ll show you how to meal prep 10 ingredients and give you a few ideas for warm, winter meals that you can quickly whip up. But with the creativity in this community, I’m sure you’ll combine these ingredients in even more delicious ways and when you do, make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see it.

Meal prep for winter with hearty, nourishing and healthy recipes.

Ingredients I’ve Meal Prepped for Winter

Meal prep for winter with hearty, nourishing and healthy recipes.

These ingredients can be combined in numerous ways, but today I’m sharing several meal ideas and recipes that I’ve made from these ingredients, including:

Meal prep for winter with hearty, nourishing and healthy recipes.

Meal prep for winter with hearty, nourishing and healthy recipes.

There are a few items in this winter meal prep that take a bit longer than the others, such as the Slow Cooker Pulled Pork and the Candied Orange Peel. Both of these items need to sit for 8 hours, so it’s best to make them the night before.

If you split those items up, it will take you approximately one hour to prep those two items the night before and two hours the following day to prep the remaining items. But again, these are just ideas. You don’t need to do everything you see on this meal prep. Pick and choose or combine with ideas from the other meal prep videos.

Meal prep for winter with hearty, nourishing and healthy recipes.

Want even more ideas? Check out my best meal prep recipes, including durable salads, healthy snacks, and freezer-friendly recipes.

Downloadable Meal Prep PDF

If you’ve subscribed to my website and are on my email list you’ll receive a handy PDF guide of this weekly meal prep, with tips for prep time and storage. Subscribers are always the first to get new goodies! But if you’re not already subscribed, make sure to subscribe and you’ll soon receive this PDF guide as well.

I hope this winter meal prep inspires a few new ideas and if you’d like to see me continue these meal prep videos, let me know in the comments below. Happy meal prepping!

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    Looking forward to trying some of your amazing Winter Meal Prep recipes.
    The cabbage steaks are first on my list and then the Sweet Potato Noodles Sald with Cabbage and Lentils is next and then…………………………………………!! Goes on and on!
    I am a big fan!
    Best always!

  2. Another lovely, seasonal meal prep. Thank you Lisa! I’ve also tried to download the PDF guide but even after 2 attempts and a few days of waiting nothing arrived. I sent an email as you advised another community member but got an automated response back with help on other topics but unfortunately it didn’t provide guidance on how to receive the PDF. Still a huge fan, but just a little bummed.

    1. Hi Erica! We do have an automated response, but soon after you should also receive an email from one of our team members. Keep in mind that we have tons of emails from our community daily, so we’re doing our best to get to every single one as quickly as possible.

  3. How do I get all four of your meal prep PDF 
    I have been watching your videos and seriously want to try those amazing looking dishes. Can you make hummus in a blender as that is all I have. Live on a tight budget, so I have to use what I have. Thank you Lisa B.