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Create an endless supply of light and fresh meals throughout the summer with this new meal prep plan. Today I’m showing you how to turn 10 ingredients into delicious smoothies, vibrant salads and satiating snacks.

Have an endless supply of light and fresh meals throughout the summer with this new meal prep plan. Today I'm showing you how to turn 10 ingredients into delicious smoothies, vibrant salads and satiating snacks.

As these meal prep videos continue to be highly requested on my YouTube channel, I’m happy to unveil the latest in the series – a summer meal prep. During the summer there’s an abundance of fresh produce in the market so it’s easy to create light, fresh and healthy recipes.

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Meal Prepping for Summer

Many of the recipes I’m sharing with you today include hydrating veggies, like zucchini, cucumber, strawberries and tomatoes. They’re perfect for hot summer days and help to cool and rehydrate your body.

If you watched my original Meal Prep or Spring Meal Prep video you know that I prefer to prepare ingredients over full meals. This allows me to have greater flexibility throughout the week and keep my meals interesting.

The goal is to not have your entire week of meals set in stone, but rather to save a little bit of time in the kitchen. It’s simply about making your life easier and providing healthy options to inspire healthy meals.

The bonus of this summer meal prep is that only two ingredients require any cooking, which means less time in the kitchen slaving over a hot oven or stove and hopefully more time outside enjoying summer.

Have an endless supply of light and fresh meals throughout the summer with this new meal prep plan. Today I'm showing you how to turn 10 ingredients into delicious smoothies, vibrant salads and satiating snacks.

Ingredients I’ve Meal Prepped for Summer

Have an endless supply of light and fresh meals throughout the summer with this new meal prep plan. Today I'm showing you how to turn 10 ingredients into delicious smoothies, vibrant salads and satiating snacks.

These ingredients can be combined in numerous ways, but today I’m sharing several meal ideas and recipes that I’ve made from these ingredients, including:

Don’t forget that sliced cucumbers and hard boiled eggs on their own are delicious snacks as well. And one recipe I didn’t share but made myself after filming the video was a breakfast egg scramble with red onion, bell pepper, diced tomatoes, feta cheese and chives. It was divine. So remember to be creative and go beyond what I show on the video.

Have an endless supply of light and fresh meals throughout the summer with this new meal prep plan. Today I'm showing you how to turn 10 ingredients into delicious smoothies, vibrant salads and satiating snacks.

Have an endless supply of light and fresh meals throughout the summer with this new meal prep plan. Today I'm showing you how to turn 10 ingredients into delicious smoothies, vibrant salads and satiating snacks.

The Best Way to Clean Fresh Produce

The majority of the produce I buy is organic as I’m acutely aware of the amount of pesticide used in today’s farming practices. Many of you know that my dad has Parkinson’s and there are numerous studies which show pesticide exposure can dramatically increase the risk of Parkinson’s in those with a genetic predisposition.

I discovered this years ago when I stumbled on an article about the farming communities in California which were dubbed “Parkinson’s Alley” due to their exposure to pesticides. Ever since then I’ve purchased organic produce, to limit the amount of pesticide exposure.

But let me be very clear – organic produce is not pesticide-free. Not in the slightest. Organic produce is just free from the most harmful synthetic pesticides, such as glyphosate. Therefore, think of organic produce as containing “less pesticide” than it’s conventional counterpart.

So that begs the question – how do you properly wash all your delicious summer produce then? 

For years I added a splash or two of vinegar to a large bowl of water and let veggies soak in that. Unfortunately, most studies have found that unless your vinegar to water ratio is 1:3, you’re simply wasting vinegar.

That means for a large bowl of about 6 cups of water you’d need a full 2 cups of vinegar. Most folks are adding no where near this amount. And even then, vinegar is only marginally better than using tap water on it’s own. For those using expensive commercial produce washes, studies have also found that those are negligible in additional benefit as well.

The best thing you can do to wash fresh produce is soak it in a bowl of water and rub it or scrub it, depending on the durability of the vegetable or fruit. It’s been found that water on it’s own will significantly reduce pesticides as well as dirt, debris and other bacteria. Now, if you’d like to add vinegar, by all means go for it. But just remember that a tablespoon or two is not impactful. The most important thing is simply a good soak in water.

If you’re interested, here are more myths and truths about washing produce.

Have an endless supply of light and fresh meals throughout the summer with this new meal prep plan. Today I'm showing you how to turn 10 ingredients into delicious smoothies, vibrant salads and satiating snacks.

Want even more ideas? Check out my best meal prep recipes, including durable salads, healthy snacks, and freezer-friendly recipes.

Downloadable Meal Prep PDF

If you’ve subscribed to my website and are on my email list you’ll receive a handy PDF guide of this weekly meal prep, with tips for prep time and storage. Subscribers are always the first to get new goodies! But if you’re not already subscribed, make sure to subscribe and you’ll soon receive this PDF guide as well.

I hope this summer meal prep inspires a few new ideas and if you’d like to see me continue these meal prep videos each season, let me know in the comments below. Happy meal prepping!

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  1. Liza, I am trying to download the Meal prep but I do not received the email even after signing up. Can I please have the meal preps pdfs?


  2. Dear Lisa,

    I used your cookbook and recipes often, thank you! However, I would really like the PDF of summer meal prep and although I have tried several times sending it to two different email addresses, but I can’t find it… can you help?

  3. I love your meal prep ideas. I purchased AND use your recipe book but, I was hoping the meal prep ideas would be included. The book is great but different.

    1. This cookbook encompasses different kinds of meals you can prep. But, take note that there is a whole section for 3 ingredient meal prep ideas!

  4. So far the best plant based Mediterranean recopies, gracias; I am following your videos and invest a few hours during the weekend making delicious easy dishes for the week, so arrive home after work and eat healthy, and tasty

  5. Hi Lisa! Do you have a video or blog post about the glass tupperware you have? Would you recommend the brand that you have? Or another brand? I am curious to know what brand yours is and if you like it. Thank you for your amazing content!

    1. Absolutely! Just search for meal prep containers on my website and you will find the post that also includes a video :)

  6. Just stumbled on this UTube site and have become an instant fan!! Have already fixed the spirilized sweet potato egg breakfast & the honey garlic shrimp dinner! Both were instant hits!

    1. Welcome to the Downshiftology community Shirlee! Hope you continue to enjoy all my recipes to come :)

  7. I just discovered you online. I sat there and literally printed out about 10 of your recipes. I made the chicken stir-fry yesterday and it was delicious! I can’t wait to try more of your recipes. As I was going through them, I felt as if it was faith that led me in your direction. I was getting stagnant in the circle of meals I had been planning the last month or so and really needed a change. Your site with the vast variety of fresh recipes is just what I needed. Now I see you use different formats like You Tube to share your techniques, ideas and showcase your cooking. Not to mention the meal planning ideas you are so kind to share. I’m looking forward to widening my recipe collection!

    1. I’m so thrilled to hear you discovered Downshiftology and are enjoying all the recipes and content so far! I hope you continue to learn tons more from my channel, and enjoy more recipes along the way :)

  8. I love your recipes i always watch your channel for your great recipes. when i want to cook anything i just open your channel and follow your recipes.

  9. I love all your recipes and I am so happy I can download almost all of them but I would like to know if you have all of them in a book. Could you please let me know? I would be awesome to have all of them together in a book.

    Thank You!

    Loida Gonzalez

    1. Hi Loida – I don’t have my current recipes in a book, however I am currently working on a cookbook :) You can get a sneak peek on Instagram stories.

  10. I can’t believe how awesome you are! I find your videos so easy to follow and I love, love, love how you just get to the point. You are a breath of fresh air and I going to be healthier because of you! Thank you Lisa!!

  11. Great Post !! I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and refer to my friends.

  12. Hello Lisa
    Your videos are fantastic! I just received your pdf summer meal prep. I thought it would provide me a shopping list of ingredients. I cannot find any shopping list. Do I need to open each recipe from the meal plan links and make my own shopping list?

    1. Hi Kelly- I actually haven’t included a shopping list for these meal preps, but I will be sure to do so in any future meal preps I create :)

  13. Can you do a Salad Spinner how to video/guide? It’s not complicated but idk what to look for to make sure I am doing it correctly and overall I would just like to be able to use mine to the max as well as be better at salads and eating more of them easily.

  14. I was really interested in learning the factoid about washing produce without vinegar. The soaking duration definitely matters. So often you can see residues floating to the top after 10 minutes (ew!). I will continue to use vinegar for soaking lettuce, herbs and greens. Like you, I cook for one, and sometimes I cannot get through all of my raw greens within 5-7 days. They haven’t aged enough to wilt or become slimy, but will start to develop an unpleasant bitterness. I find that chopping or trimming them followed by a soak in water with a splash of vinegar sweetens them up again and restores their crunch.

    1. Hi Tiffany – I completely agree! And that is why I love to put sliced up celery in a jar of water to keep it fresh and crunchy :)

  15. Thank you!! I really like the way you describe  and organize everything . I will like to get your email.

  16. Hi, Lisa. I’ve watched your channel, specifically for meal prep ideas, for awhile now. Today I made your zucchini bread and couldn’t wait to eat a slice with the avocado, boiled egg, and chives! What a treat!
    ;-) I had extra avocados so I made your guacamole and it is delicious, too! Thank you for your recipes and the videos! 

    1. Hi Iris – I’m happy you loved the zucchini bread and are enjoying my recipes and videos. Thank you!

  17. Happy Sunday!  I’m signed up for the emails but can’t download the past or present pdf meal prep. Is there step or link I’m missing?

    1. Hi Charlette – if you received the email with the PDFs, make sure to click on the images in the email.

      1. Thank You for your quick reply! I checked my email and I’m receiving the single recipes and regular updates but not the meal prep pdfs…weird. Is there any way I can access this one or if you can email it to me. It would truly be appreciated Once again Thank You!

      2. Hi Charletta – Have you checked your spam folder in your email? I’ve noticed it can sometimes go there. You can also try searching “Downshiftology” in your spam if you signed up a couple months ago. If you still can’t find it, let me know and I’ll see what I can do on my end.

  18. Hi Lisa,

    I signed up for the PDF’s over a year ago and have been receiving them since, however; I never received the PDF for the Summer Meal Prep and would really love it. I emailed you directly, however; I still haven’t received it. Please help…Thank you

      1. I can’t get any of the PDFs either. It might be because I’m already subscribed?



  19. Hi Lisa where do I find the meal prep pdf’s? Are they on the website or do I send them in an email? Help!

    1. Hi Tariya – there’s a link at the bottom of this post to sign up for the PDFs. Once you do, the PDFs will be emailed to you!

      1. Yes, you need to be a member of the Downshiftology community to receive the downloadable PDFs. :)

  20. I love your videos, all the way to China!!! which is a super difficult place to keep healthy eating… Please make a WINTER prep video, would be great!

    1. Thanks so much Veronica! And I’ve got a winter meal prep video coming your way in January! :) x

  21. Hey Lisa! I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I love your health and lifestyle vids. I subscribed to your email listserve for the meal prep PDF – I love to use my meal preps and others in rotation. I don’t seem to have it in my inbox as of yet. Any idea what the issue could be?

    1. Hi JoAnn – I’m happy you love my recipes and videos! I see that it was sent to you Nov 29. Can you double check your spam folder? Sometimes PDFs set off spam settings. Thanks!

  22. Hi Lisa,

    I discovered your channel and blogs a few weeks ago and I love them! Thanks for all your hard work. I have a question re: Zucchini Bread. As recently discovered, I have tree nut allergies (coco is ok). Do you by any chance have any recommendation what to substitute almond flour with? Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks Alina – so happy you love my channel and website! Unfortunately, coconut flour on it’s own would make this zucchini bread quite dense. I’d recommend playing around with an arrowroot or tapioca and coconut flour combo. Best of luck!

  23. Dear Lisa,

    I just got my meal prep pdfs and I wanted to jump for joy but I’m stuck in a cast. I absolutely love them! Thank you so much!! ?

  24. You are my absolute FAVORITE blogger and Youtuber. Please continue being amazing. Here are the reasons, if you find this feedback helpful: (1) You minimize the amount of filming done with just you talking. You show what you’re discussing, even if that’s as simple as running a bath or adding drops to a diffuser. It makes a huge difference. It’s visually engaging and keeps me watching. (2) You explain reasoning. I so appreciate you explaining the vinegar bit and called out what you actually get with organic strawberries. You didn’t make some broad sweeping statement like, “They’re much better to get them if you can afford it.” Broad sweeping statements about health are so overdone. Tell us why! You are great at this. (3) The visuals are clean, minimal, beautiful.

    I cannot express how much I love your content. Please keep on going!

    1. Wow – thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comment Katlin! I truly appreciate your feedback and I’m so thrilled you love my content and all my little tips. I do try to be as helpful as possible but knowing that it’s well received…well, you just made my day! :) x

      1. Of course! Also, I checked your Shop page and the notes in YouTube and did not see this. What are the jars with cukes? I know the others are Weck jars, but I dislike having all those little individual pieces! I liked the jar with cukes because it was one piece.

      2. Of course! Also, I looked on your Shop page and in the YouTube notes. What are the jars in the video? The one with the attached hinge? I’m not a fan of the Weck jars because it has multiple little parts.

        Also, would love to see a pantry tour! Don’t remember if I have seen one by you yet.

  25. I enjoy watching your videos. I hope I could try some of your healthy recipes for my family. It’s been long I wanted to try easy and simple recipes. More power to your channel. 

  26. Hi Lisa, This is Erin I have signed up for your email subscriptions, but I haven’t been able to download the PDFs for the meal prep videos. Could you send a link to me so I can download them? Thanks
    BTW have you come up with any ideas for a gyro yet ( yes I’m that Erin )? :)

    1. Hi Erin – it looks like you’ve been sent all my emails but haven’t opened them. Make sure to check your spam folder and you can also do a search by “downshiftology.” :)

  27. These posts are very inspiring! Thank you for sharing every bit of information!
    I have a question. Since I own a backyard garden, and I don’t use any type of pesticide in there, how should I treat my produce that I get? I always wonder if there is something that falls with rain, that will make my produce “not organic” as much. I know this must be a silly question, but I really wanted to see your point in this…

    1. That’s wonderful you have your own backyard garden Ana! You definitely have much less to worry about and homegrown is the best as your produce will be fresher and more nutrient dense (you can eat right after picking) – in addition to not having pesticides! I would recommend cleaning your produce the the same, just to remove dirt and debris. :)

  28. Hi Lisa!  I’m your newest subscriber.  I just discovered you and your channel and I am now having a great time watching all your previous videos.  I was so inspired by your pantry organization that I immediately organized mine (though not as pretty as yours).  

    1. Happy to hear you’re enjoying all my videos Lourdes! And kudos on organizing your pantry. That’s always a great accomplishment! :) x

  29. Dear Lisa,
    when my doctor told me I have diabetes, I was shocked and sad. But your videos on YouTube inspiered me to change my life so I can enjoy the time with my 9-years old daughter for many years in good health.
    I just started with my change and I find a lot of power and support in your videos. Thank you so much and please don´t stop posting your inspiring videos.
    Greetings and hugs from Germany

    1. So happy you’re enjoying my recipes and videos Karina. I hope they continue to inspire you along your wellness journey! Hugs to Germany! :) x

  30. Thank You Lisa for sharing your insights with us, Both the videos and PDF’s are very help and fun to make when I’m in my kitchen.

    ps. Love your content ?

    Xo- Jen