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What I Eat in a Day – Whole30 Recipes

These are the Whole30 recipes I eat in a day when doing a Whole30. Following along as I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, do a little exercise and meal prep for the week.

What I eat in a day with all Whole30 recipes.

I’m back with another What I Eat in a Day video today (as you loved my first one so much) – but this time I’m focusing on Whole30 Recipes.

It’s January and many folks are pursuing a Whole30 after a holiday period of too much indulging. Whole30 is a great reset to remind yourself how great your body can feel when you’re not bogging it down with too much sugar, alcohol, gluten, dairy and packaged food.


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The funny thing is I eat Whole30 about 70% of the time without even trying, because that’s how I normally eat. Over the years I’ve learned my body is okay is legumes and beans so have no problem incorporating those into my diet. But I do keep grains like quinoa (which can flare my autoimmune symptoms) to a minimum.

All of this I know because I’ve taken the time to understand how my body responds to certain ingredients. And that’s the beauty of Whole30 – food education and awareness for your individual body.

I should also mention that Whole30 is not a diet in the traditional sense – you don’t count calories and don’t focus on weightloss (though it’s frequently a side effect). It’s simply about removing foods that are likely to cause digestive and other health issues for 30 days, then systematically reintroducing them to see how your body responds.

If you’d like to keep certain foods in or out of  your diet afterwards, it’s up to you and what makes your feel your best. Whole30 is another tool in your arsenal to understand your body and boost your wellness. And that’s a wonderful thing!

celery almond butter chia seed whole30 recipe

Whole30 scrambled egg breakfast recipe


The Storage Containers I’m Using

You can find all the storage containers I’m using on my Meal Prep Containers post/video and on the Shop page on my website.

For More Whole30 Information and Resources

celery almond butter chia seed whole30 recipe

What I eat in a day on whole30 recipes - tuna stuffed avocados

What I eat in a day on whole30 recipes

What I eat in a day on whole30 recipes - cauliflower hummus recipe


What I eat in a day on whole30 recipes - whole30 chicken broccoli casserole

I hope you enjoyed my second “What I Eat in a Day” video and the beautiful Cali beach drone footage. Fingers crossed it will be a little warmer on my next video though! You can also watch my first What I Eat in a Day – Vitamix Edition video if you missed it.

If you’d like to see more videos like this in the future, please do let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Good blog that I appreciate your style life thank you

  2. Love your videos, Lisa! Thanks for the simplicity you show in how to prepare beautiful and healthy recipes! The meal prep videos are so helpful!

  3. Hello, great video again!

    Whole30 was a lifechanging experience for me. I have noticed you work from home, I am really struggling with mine home office. I love to stay at home, but my productivity is much lover than when I am at work. Anyway, I would love to see some tips from you on how to stay effective while working home.  


  4. Try the Skoy Scrub yo clean your pan! Works faster and easier to use. 

  5. Rely good work there i must say

  6. Hi, Lisa! You’re videos are inspiring and very informative. Can you make more videos about whole30? Specifically, weekly meal plan suggestions to complete the 30 days. Thanks! 😊

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