Healthy Thanksgiving Menu and Recipes

Ready to design your healthy thanksgiving menu? This list delivers all sorts of autumnal flavors, mainstay classics with a few twists, and of course the ultimate roasted turkey your family will thank you for.

A plate of Thanksgiving side dishes and roasted turkey.

Create a Healthy Thanksgiving Menu

Whether you’re planning for a large traditional Thanksgiving or keeping it sweet and simple for two, this menu can be designed to however you’re celebrating this year.

Make the whole shebang with a 14 pound turkey surrounded by a collection of sides and appetizers. Or go meatless with an array of plant-based dishes and a smashing dessert. Either way, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Thanksgiving Appetizers

Get the crowd warmed up with a few bite sized snacks. Plus, these can all be prepped a day in advance, which gives you more time to cook the main course Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving side dishes side by side.

Soup And Salad Recipes

Soups and salads add variety, nutrients, and color to the table. A bowl of soup elevates the “cozy” theme. While salads add a refreshing bite in between all the heavy dishes.

Thanksgiving soup and salad side by side.

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Here comes the fun part: Thanksgiving side dishes! When planning these out, keep in mind the textures and flavors you want to see on the table. Variety is key! So make something mashed, roasted, and maybe a casserole in between.

Healthy Thanksgiving side dishes.

The Essential Sauces

To bring your entire Thanksgiving menu together, cranberry and gravy are a must. And these homemade versions couldn’t be any easier.

Cranberry sauce and turkey gravy for Thanksgiving menu

Thanksgiving Menu “Main”

A roasted turkey deserves a spotlight on your dinner table. It’s the centerpiece after all! You can go the traditional route with a perfectly golden bird, or switch it up and spatchcock your turkey for faster cooking.

Thanksgiving turkey on a plate next to a carved turkey.

Thanksgiving Desserts

Though you may be full and need a nap after that feast, there’s always room for desserts, isn’t there? Create a few show-stopping desserts or bite-sized treats. You can’t go wrong with any of these sweet options.

Thanksgiving desserts side by side.

I hope this healthy Thanksgiving menu gives you some inspiration on what to make for Thanksgiving day. As a reminder, I also have delicious paleo Thanksgiving recipes.

And if you need some help with timelines and the entire preparation process, be sure to check out my Thanksgiving game plan. You’ll find all my tips and tricks for a seamless holiday. Enjoy!

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