Mango Smoothie

This ultra creamy mango smoothie is the best summertime smoothie recipe. It’s made with fresh mango and a handful of ingredients for the ultimate thirst quencher.

Mango smoothie in a mason jar

I’m a massive mango lover. And when it’s mango season I always grab several fresh mangoes at the market to whip up a variety of recipes. But there’s no recipe easier than this mango smoothie. It takes just three minutes to make and it tastes amazing.

Ingredients for mango smoothie on a table.

What’s In This Mango Smoothie?

I’m keeping this recipe as simple as possible to really let that sweet mango flavor shine. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Mangoes: I love to use fresh mangoes for this smoothie, but you can also use frozen. Just keep on reading to see a few notes I have on both.
  • Banana: If you can freeze your banana ahead of time, that would be great! This will help to add a chilled, creamy texture. But if not, you can also use fresh.
  • Milk: Any dairy or non-dairy milk will work with this smoothie, including my almond milk, cashew milk, or oat milk recipes!
  • Yogurt: Ideally, greek yogurt would be the perfect option to make this a thicker, creamier smoothie. But you can use any plain dairy or non-dairy yogurt.

Find the printable recipe with measurements below.

Should You Use Fresh Mango or Frozen Mango?

I’m a fan of seasonal eating so if mangoes are in season I’ll use fresh mangoes for this smoothie recipe. You can cube the mango or use a glass to remove the mango from the skin (so easy).

If you use fresh mango then make sure you’re using a frozen banana in the recipe to keep the smoothie nice and thick and cold.

But if fresh mangoes aren’t available or in season, then absolutely use frozen mango. If you use frozen mango, you can use a fresh banana. In other words, just make sure at least the mango or the banana is frozen.

How To Make A Mango Smoothie

Like any other smoothie recipe, all you need to do is toss all the ingredients into a blender and blend away! Just note that if you’re using frozen mango, you may need to use your tamper to push down the mixture so it’s evenly blended.

Pour your mango smoothie into a jar, pop in a straw and slurp up this creamy, sweet, delicious smoothie (and try not to get brain freeze).

How Many Mangoes to Make One Cup?

An average 12-ounce mango will provide approximately one cup of cubed fruit. If you’re using frozen mango for this recipe, you’ll use two cups of frozen cubed mango.

Can you Make this Mango Smoothie Vegan or Dairy-Free?

Absolutely! You can make this mango smoothie with or without dairy milk. And if you’d like homemade recipe options for some of the ingredients, check out my cashew milk, almond milk, or oat milk. I also have homemade yogurt or  homemade coconut yogurt (dairy-free).

You could also use store-bought dairy-free milk and dairy-free yogurt. Or you could use full-fat greek yogurt for an ultra-thick consistency. It’s entirely up to you.

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Mango Smoothie Recipe Video

While this recipe is easy to make, it always helps to watch a quick tutorial video!

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Once mango season hits, I guarantee you’ll have this mango smoothie on repeat. Once you take a sip of it, let me know what you think in a comment below!

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Mango Smoothie Recipe

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Prep Time: 3 mins
Total Time: 3 mins
Servings: 2 servings
Author: Lisa Bryan
A cold, creamy mango smoothie is the best summertime smoothie recipe. And it only takes three minutes to whip up!


  • 2 fresh mangoes or 2 cups of frozen mango
  • 1 small frozen banana (or half of a large banana), you can use unfrozen if using frozen mango
  • ½ cup milk, dairy or dairy-free
  • ½ cup yogurt, dairy or dairy-free


  • Add all ingredients to a high-powered blender and blend until creamy.
    Blending mango smoothie in a Vitamix

Lisa’s Tips


Calories: 215kcal, Carbohydrates: 47g, Protein: 8g, Fat: 2g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g, Monounsaturated Fat: 1g, Trans Fat: 1g, Cholesterol: 3mg, Sodium: 102mg, Potassium: 629mg, Fiber: 5g, Sugar: 37g, Vitamin A: 2280IU, Vitamin C: 80mg, Calcium: 156mg, Iron: 1mg
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: How to Make a Mango Smoothie, Mango Banana Smoothie, Mango Smoothie, Mango Smoothie Recipe
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Recipe originally posted August 2018, but updated to include new photos and information.

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123 comments on “Mango Smoothie”

  1. Simply delicious. Will definitely make again. 😋😋
    Thank you!5 stars

  2. This smoothie is so good! At first I looked at the recipe and saw that I didn’t have plain yogurt so I substituted it with sour cream and I bet it’s better than with yogurt! 10/10 stars!5 stars

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  7. Thank you 3000 for sharing this awesome recipe. If anyone is from India, then it’s good time to buy Hafus Mango (it’s costly though) to make a smoothie. I’ve prepared it using my newly purchased hand blender and just tasted it. The taste is really awesome. You will forget the summer for a little bit of time.5 stars

  8. Amazing smoothie. Perfect texture. Cut the recipe in half, used half a frozen banana, 100ml banana drinkable yogurt and 2/3 fresh mango. Added the last 1/3 mango cubed to the finished mango for extra yummy goodness 🥭🥭🥭5 stars

  9. Very refreshing and a nice consistency! I used frozen mango and fresh banana. 5 stars

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  15. A few months ago I put together almost the same mix of ingredients, and have been having 2 times a week ever since. I use one whole banana, probably about 8 cubes of frozen mango, fill lactose-free milk to the top of where the mangos and bananas are. I don’t use yogurt, and it’s amazing. Tastes like liquid ice cream. I was just searching up some more recipes to see what others do and came across this recipe. Sounds great, will definitely try!

  16. Very yummy but I spilled it5 stars

  17. I froze fresh mango; have pureed like crazy & can not break the fibers down; any suggestions? Thank you!!!5 stars

    • Hi Roxanne – do you have a high-powered blender? I use fresh mango and don’t usually have the problem, so it might be due to your blender. :)

    • Hey Roxanne, I tried this recipe today and had the exact same problem! I own a very powerful Vitamix blender and it overheated because the motor was working too hard. I followed the exact recipe with the exception of using a fresh banana and frozen fresh mangoes which I had previously processed and froze a few weeks ago. I added a full cup of milk instead of simply half a cup and it blended well, while still providing a very thick smoothie. If you’d like a thinner smoothie, try reducing the yogurt measurement too. Hope that helps ;)

  18. Very delicious!
    I used 2 cups of frozen mango, 1 banana, 2/3 cup cashew milk (because I had no yogurt). Mixed everything in a regular blender and I ended up with an ice cream, which is great! So, I decided to freeze the half of it for later and poured the other half into a jar. After a few minutes, it was a thick cold smoothie rather than an ice cream, which is also great !
    Thank you Lisa !5 stars

  19. My vegan smoothie tasted really good. No sugar needed. I used: Unsweetened almond vanilla yogurt, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, half banana, and 2 ripe mangoes. Thank you!5 stars

    • Glad this smoothie was a success, even without sugar! I think the mango adds just the right amount of sweetness.

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  21. To much banana it over powers also would add some ice not cold enough.

    • Hi Ally – I’d recommend using frozen fruit versus ice if you’d like it colder. It will be thick and chilled without getting watered down. You can also use half a banana (I don’t know how large yours was), if you’d like less banana flavor.

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  26. This is one of my all time favorite smoothie recipe! It is  creamy but not overly sweet. 5 stars

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  28. what r thy ingredianets

  29. My husband’s favorite smoothie! Sweet and delicious! I normally use fresh mango in the summer and frozen in the winter… both are great.5 stars

    • Hi Becky – This mango smoothie is also my favorite during the summer months!

    • This mango smoothie is delicious and the added banana adds perfect flavor.Too thick to drink with a straw,but is the best smoothie recipe I have made.If you put the milk and banana in the blender first it blends easy.5 stars

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    • Hi Angela – Yay! So glad you and your brother enjoyed this mango smoothie. It’s so simple, yet so delicious!

  32. Hi there. What could I use instead of banana as bananas don’t agree with me and make me sick??

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    • Hi Julia – I’m so glad to hear you loved this recipe! Adding the coconut flakes and chocolate chips sound amazing… Love this variation on it!

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  39. What kind of yogurt did you use?

    • Hi Nataly – You can use any plain yogurt but I mostly use Greek yogurt for my smoothies or cooking.

  40. Hello,

    I am Paulomi Dutta from India. I love mango smoothie. Basically, a mango lover. It’s summer and I often make either mango shake or smoothie or just slices of mango makes me happy.
    It was nice to read your post.

    Happy summer!

    • Hi Paulomi – You must love mangos as much as I do. :) I have a few other recipes with mangos on my site that you should check out.

  41. Very good smoothie! Thanks for the recipe! I used my slightly higher end Vitamix 780 to make it.5 stars

  42. I made as directions state. I think the vanilla flavoring needs to be omitted it takes over flavor And you don’t get the true mango taste. Im going to make again tomorrow without it. Also as far as fresh mango here is a tip I found to work really good. Use potato peeler and peel mango before slicing. That way you don’t lose unnecessary mango. I also used silk almond.

  43. Just made this with frozen banana and thawed frozen mango. I used Stonyfield Plain Whole Yogurt (my favorite) and organic valley whole milk. I also added a few small scoopfuls of NOW Organic Stevia. It came out the perfect consistency and was so good. It wasn’t quite cold enough so I blended about a half cup of crushed ice at the end. Will definitely make again and I love how you can switch out the frozen fruit to make different flavors!5 stars

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