Spiralizer Beginner’s Guide: 10 Vegetables to Spiralize


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The spiralizer is one of my favorite kitchen tools. It’s the fastest, easiest and most fun way to get more veggies into your diet. Today I’m sharing my favorite vegetables to spiralize along with veggie spiralizer tips and recipes.

Creating spiralized vegetable noodles is not only fun, it’s a great way to boost the nutrient density of any meal.

The spiralizer is one of my favorite kitchen tools. So today I'm sharing my favorite vegetables to spiralize along with veggie spiralizer tips and recipes. Learn how to spiralize - it's easy!

Spiralizer Beginner’s Guide

If you just bought your first spiralizer, congratulations. You’ve purchased one of my absolute favorite kitchen tools. And if you’re reading this post because you’re wondering if a spiralizer is worth it (meaning, should you really splurge on yet another kitchen tool) – well, the quick answer is yes. But I hope the video and information below will inspire you.

Most of you are well aware of my love for zucchini noodles. It’s the number one vegetable I spiralize. In fact, the most popular post on Downshiftology is all about making and cooking zucchini noodles. Yep, I’m smitten with zoodles.

But if you were to only spiralize zucchini noodles, you’d be greatly missing out. Because there are dozens of different vegetables that you can spiralize for salads, casseroles, appetizers, entrees and desserts. Spiralizing is an easy way to get more veggies into your diet and doing so will save you time in the kitchen – always a lovely bonus.

If you’re celiac or gluten-free (as I am) or simply avoiding grains, vegetable noodles make for delicious and nutritious meals replacing beige pasta with all the colors of the rainbow.

Learn How to Spiralize All My Favorite Vegetables

 Want to learn how to spiralize and make delicious recipes? Watch the video below! And subscribe to my YouTube Channel for weekly cooking videos.

The Best Vegetables to Spiralize

Today, I’m sharing some of the best vegetables to spiralize and the ones I spiralize most frequently. Of course, there are many more options than these and I’d love to hear in the comments below what your favorites are. Below each vegetable I’ve also listed a little spiralizer recipe inspiration on Downshiftology to boost your creativity in using that spiralized vegetable.

If you’re wondering which spiralizer I use most frequently, it’s the Paderno Spiralizer. In my post and video on zucchini noodles I compare and contrast all the best spiralizers, so if you’re still on the hunt make sure to check that out.

After you’ve watched the video above and have become an expert on spiralizing (it’s easy to do) have fun experimenting with all the different vegetables. I’m always adding new recipes so make sure to check back often for the latest or subscribe to my newsletter at the top of this page. That way you’ll never miss my newest spiralizer recipes.

My Favorite Spiralizer Recipes & Vegetables

The spiralizer is one of my favorite kitchen tools. So today I'm sharing my favorite vegetables to spiralize along with veggie spiralizer tips and recipes. Here's how you spiralize zucchini.

Spiralized Zucchini

Zucchini is the go-to vegetable when it comes to spiralizing and that’s for good reason – it’s soft and easy to spiralize with a neutral flavor that adapts well to many traditional pasta dishes. I leave the peel on for added nutrition (after giving it a good wash), but don’t forget to include yellow squash in your zoodle repetoire as well.


The spiralizer is one of my favorite kitchen tools. So today I'm sharing my favorite vegetables to spiralize along with veggie spiralizer tips and recipes. Learn how to spiralize cucumber.

Spiralized Cucumber

With cucumber I use the large spiral slicing blade (for added crunch) or the straight blade to create beautiful ribbons of cucumber. These ribbons are quite the show stopper and in just a few seconds you’ll have plenty of cucumber for your favorite salad.


Spiralized Bell Pepper

As a Cali girl some of my favorite recipes are Mexican-inspired and there’s no easier way to slice up a sweet bell pepper for fajitas or tacos. Use the straight blade to easily and quickly slice an entire bell pepper. Just remove the white pith and seeds when you’re done.


The spiralizer is one of my favorite kitchen tools. So today I'm sharing my favorite vegetables to spiralize along with veggie spiralizer tips and recipes. Learn how to spiralize parsnip.

Spiralized Parsnip

Parsnips, turnips, rutabaga, celeriac and other root vegetables are a breeze to spiralize. The fine or medium spiral slicing blades are your best options for creating vegetable noodles that look strikingly similar to pasta. Just toss these in a pan for a quick sauté for the perfect al dente veggie noodle.


The spiralizer is one of my favorite kitchen tools. So today I'm sharing my favorite vegetables to spiralize along with veggie spiralizer tips and recipes. Learn how to spiralize carrot.

Spiralized Carrot

Spiralized carrots are a great alternative to shredding or slicing for salads or stir fry and let’s be honest, they look way fancier. Grab the largest carrots you can find for easier spiralizing and use a fine or medium spiral slicing blade.


The spiralizer is one of my favorite kitchen tools. So today I'm sharing my favorite vegetables to spiralize along with veggie spiralizer tips and recipes. Learn how to spiralize sweet potato.

Spiralized Sweet Potato

If you want to whip up fast food-style curly fries at home (in a much healthier incarnation) then you’re in luck. Just peel the sweet potato and spiralize away. Of course, you can easily spiralize white potatoes as well. I opt for the largest spiral slicing blade when making my curly sweet potato fries.


The spiralizer is one of my favorite kitchen tools. So today I'm sharing my favorite vegetables to spiralize along with veggie spiralizer tips and recipes. Learn how to spiralize red onion.

Spiralized Red Onion

Red onion may just be my favorite vegetable to spiralize – want to know why? No streaming tears! My eyes are hyper-sensitive to onions and I’ve never been able to cut one the traditional way and walk away without crying. But with the spiralizer I can slice an entire onion and never shed a tear because it’s so darn quick. Love that.

Recipes: Any salad you want to top with onions. Also perfect for pickled red onions or caramelized onions.

The spiralizer is one of my favorite kitchen tools. So today I'm sharing my favorite vegetables to spiralize along with veggie spiralizer tips and recipes. Learn how to spiralize cabbage.

Spiralized Cabbage

Whether you use green or red cabbage, you can slice an entire cabbage for coleslaw or braised cabbage in mere seconds. If your cabbage is extra-large you may need to cut it in half, but if it’s average-size just pop on the straight blade and twirl away.


The spiralizer is one of my favorite kitchen tools. So today I'm sharing my favorite vegetables to spiralize along with veggie spiralizer tips and recipes. Learn how to spiralize beet.

Spiralized Beet

My love for beets has increased as I’ve gotten older and I’m now extremely fond of these nutrient-packed veggies. Spiralize either golden or red beets for a vibrant addition to any salad. Pro tip: use gloves when handling beets so you don’t stain your hands.

Recipe: Spiralized Beet Salad (coming soon)

The spiralizer is one of my favorite kitchen tools. So today I'm sharing my favorite vegetables to spiralize along with veggie spiralizer tips and recipes. Learn how to spiralize apple.

Spiralized Apple

To finish off this list I’m swapping a veggie for a fruit because why not end with something sweet – apples. Use any of the spiral blades for curly apple noodles, perfect for salads, or use the straight blade to quickly slice your apple for apple chips.


  • Apple Chips
  • Braised Red Cabbage with Apples (coming soon)

Vegetable Spiralizer Tips

  • Play around with the different blades. You may like your slices thicker or thinner depending on the vegetable and recipe.
  • Orange and red/purple colored veggies are packed with nutrients and get their color from beta carotene and anthocyanin – but these colors can also stain your tool. Remember to immediately wash your spiralizer (and cutting board) after slicing brightly colored veggies.
  • When it comes to carrots, parsnips and other “narrow” vegetables, grab the largest you can find. The wider the better.
  • While not on this list (because it’s the middle of summer and I couldn’t find one), my favorite winter vegetable to spiralize is butternut squash.
  • Many spiralized veggies make for great healthy meal prep. Slice zucchini, carrot, onion and beets on the weekend and store in a ziploc bag or glass storage container in the fridge for various recipes throughout the week.
  • Again, I use the Paderno Spiralizer (the one you see above), but if you have a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, you may love the KitchenAid Spiralizer. Watch my video on zucchini noodles where I compare and contrast five different spiralizers.
  • And if you’re ready for the next evolution in spiralizing, make sure to check out the new Vegetable Sheet Cutter. Your veggie recipe repertoire will grow exponentially.

The spiralizer is one of my favorite kitchen tools. So today I'm sharing my favorite vegetables to spiralize along with veggie spiralizer tips and recipes. Learn how to spiralize - it's easy!

What’s your favorite vegetable to spiralize? Let me know in the comments below!

Originally published July 2017 and updated December 2019.

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  1. I have the 4 blade Paderno spiralizer. Here is what I did to create c cut sliced onions.I peeled a large red onion and trimmed the ends.Sliced a slit into one side of the onion, stopping near the center. Attached the 2.5mm Straight Blade to the slicer and cut the onion.It did a decent job upto a certain point and about 4-5 outer layers of the onion came loose, then I was only able to spiralize the inner part of the onion. I had to use a knife to slice those layers. Please suggest how to rectify this, where am I going wrong ?

  2. Brilliant video. Really inspired me to use my new spiralizer. Didn’t realise how many fruit and vegetables could be used so easily.

    1. Hi Laura – I’ve found that it doesn’t really work well for hasselback potatoes. It’s still better to manually slice those.

  3. I love to spiralize eggplant. It can be tricky to get started but once you do it is delicious. Hint: after washing well don’t cut off the ends. This allows the ends to be gripped better. 

    Sauté with mushrooms, add pasta sauce then mix in a sunny side up egg. Yum!

  4. Is there some trick to making the suction cups stick to the counter? I bought the paderno 3-blade, and it slides all over as I try to spiralize.
    The Carrot and Zucchini Pasta with Avocado Cucumber Sauce was wonderful though!!

    1. Hi Connie – I don’t have any problems with mine sticking to my counter. So maybe there’s some slight texture changes in your countertop. But glad you loved that recipe!

    2. Try moistening the suction cups–it’s incredible what a bit of water will do to keep those suckers, well, sucking!

  5. Thanks Lisa for your inspiration. My Padermo has been sitting unused in my cupboard for a few years. Just did grocery shopping and have a bunch of fresh veggies to try out tomorrow!

    1. Hi Susan – Oh no! It’s definitely time to put that spiralizer back into use. Can’t wait for you to try all my spiralized recipes :)

  6. Hi Lisa! Happy New Year! I wanted to say a massive thank you for all you do. I found your Youtube channel while looking for reviews or idea for different spiralizers (I bought one similar to yours in the end, can’t wait for it to arrive!).

    But more importantly, I have been obsessed with your channel ever since and your videos of meal prep and recipes have made me fall in love with healthy and clean eating after almost 2 years of falling off the wagon.

    I am now extremely excited to cook more, make home cooking a priority in my life as well as look and feel healthy again.

    Thank you for all you do and I wish you all the best!

    1. Hi Loana – Happy New Year to you as well! I’m so glad you discovered my channel and that I have been able to play a part in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle! I can’t wait to share with you tons of new recipes and lifestyle tips in 2020, so stay tuned :)

    1. Hi Christine – Yes, I do prefer the paderno spiralizer. It’s smaller, cheaper and can accomodate larger vegetables. The KitchenAid attachment is a fixed width.

    1. Hi Suzi – I hope to have a cookbook in the works over the next few years! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy all my recipes on my website and Youtube :)

  7. Hi Lisa,

    I really like your video. I didn’t know you could spiralize some of the vegetables you did. Thanks for that. I’m also glad your Paderno spiralizer. I have been using a spiralizer from Japan called Chiba that I really like that makes great angel hair veg, about 1.0 mm thick (the Paderno spaghtetti is about 3.0 mm). It also has a 2.5 mm for a noodle more like the Paderno spaghetti. I prefer the thinner noodles myself. But I love the range of veg you have introduced to us. Thank you. Paul5 stars

    1. Hi Paul – Thank you! The spiralizer is so versatile, especially when it comes to the different types of vegetables you can use :) I hope to see some of your creations on Instagram or through my Facebook community!

  8. Today I purchased a KitchenAid Spiralizer on sale! I was so happy. We stopped at the vegetable stand and got zucchini to use for noodles with spaghetti tonight. What a blessing it is to have a mixer that you can put these attachments on! There are five blades, and this set also has an apple peeler and spiral slicer. My husband is diabetic, and he needs lower carb solutions to keep his blood sugar in check. Insulin is very expensive, and I hope he continues to try my experimental veggie dishes. Thank you for all the tips and suggestions. I look forward to making more beautiful and tasty veggies.5 stars

    1. Hi Trish – Congrats on purchasing your first spiralizer! This will be great for your husband, especially if he needs low carb alternatives. Excited for you to make all my spiralized recipes now :)

  9. I went and got my spiralizer and practiced on Zucchini (perfect), Cabbage (so-so as i had trouble keeping it straight so I finished up wth a knife), and Carrots. Carrots are too much work cranking, because they are hard and I was left with too many small leftover bits, so I dumped all the bits into my Presto Salad Shooter which made shreds of them in a flash. I have cucumbers but I know they will work fine.

    I want to try bell peppers which should be easy, and parsnips and sweet potatoes which may be more of a challenge for my cranking arm (I am two or three times your age), so they are on my shopping list. I am glad you reminded me that I had that tool and that I can use it for more than zucchini.

    1. I’m glad you gave all those other veggies a try Ann! The spiralizer really is quite versatile and it’s fun to experiment with a wide variety of vegetables. Enjoy!

    2. Thanks for the tips–this is my first spiralizer but I’m curious, do I have to peel the root vegetables first? ? I’d prefer to leave the skin on the sweet potatoes and carrots.
      Can’t wait to get started :)

      1. Hi Tricia – You do not have to peel them :) Can’t wait for you to make your first set of noodles!

  10. I watch the video first then popped over to this post. Thanks for the list of which blade to use with which veggie (under video). I copied it to Word and printed it to keep with my spiralizer which I just retrieved from the garage, where I had stashed it. Then I added several more veggies to my grocery list. Lots more to watch on your channel now that I have subscribed.

    1. Thanks for subscribing to my channel Ann – I’m happy you loved this video and found it helpful! I really do use my spiralizer all the time in my kitchen as it’s a great way to eat more veggies. Enjoy!

  11. Can you Spiralizer a spaghetti squash? If so how do you handle the seeds and membrane inside the squash?

    1. Hi Tina – no, there’s no need to spiralize a spaghetti squash. It’s already naturally stringy and layered once it cooks. Make sure to check out my recipe for cooking spaghetti squash.

  12. Hey Lisa, I just had a baby girl and I’m looking to shed some baby weight. Also to have a healthy lifestyle for me and set a great example for my little one. I love all your helpful creative food prep and cooking ideas. I used to work at a sushi restaurant and they would always spiralize daikon radish. I was wondering if you ever used Daikon radish in your spiralizer? The chefs would often let me take some home. I then would make a pad-thai dish, but  instead of the rice noodles. I would use the daikon radish spirals. I love it colded, but you can heat it up if you like it that way. I also used to put them in my spring rolls instead of rice noodles. I just recently I’ve been putting them into Pho soups instead of the Ramen noodles or rice noodles. Thought I would share.

    1. Yes, you can definitely spiralize daikon radish and other root vegetables! Sounds like a delicious recipe. :)

  13. Hey Lisa, have you ever used Dicon radish to spiralize? I make a great non-cook, cold tie food. called Pad- tie. I also put the Dicon radish spirals in spring rolls to substitute for rice noodles.

  14. Hi Lisa! I am so enjoying your website and many of your recipes are delicious!! I just bought the paderno sprializer and love it! It is worth the money which isn’t much! I am also in love with the cashew milk! I am so glad that I found your website! 

    1. Hi Martha! Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m happy you’re loving all my recipes. And yes, the Paderno Spiralizer is definitely worth the money. :) Enjoy!

  15. Hi Lisa,

    I’m curious if you’ve ever tried spiralizing butternut squash on the kitchenaid spiralizer? I’v done it on the Paderno and while it worked many of the needles that stick out got bent. I was curious if you used a butternut squash on the kitchenaid did it spiralize seamlessly or were there hiccups?

    1. Hi Vicki – I’ve only done it on the Paderno spiralizer as well. When your needles got bent, did you peel the butternut squash? I always peel mine. And I don’t think it would work on the Kitchenaid as that has a fixed width.

  16. Unripe papaya for “thai-style” papaya salad. It’s got to be unripe though and the only place I’ve been able to find that is in an Asian market.

  17. Hi Lisa, I just ordered the Paderno Spirializer and am excited to soon receive it. I saw that you had a recipe for Beet Salad coming soon as I love beets too. Do you know of a Spiralized Beet Salad recipe? Thanks for all your recipes and guidance!

    1. Hi Pam – congrats on your new spiralizer! I don’t know of other spiralized beet salads, but hopefully I’ll have mine up soon! :)

    2. Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for all of your videos!  You have inspired me in the kitchen!  I was wondering if you have tried the 4 blade Paderno Spiralizer?  It looks like you have the 3 blade.  I wanted to get your take on which one?

      1. Hi Christy – yes, they’re all great! When I bought my spiralizer years ago, the 3-blade was all that existed but now there are lots of options. So pick your favorite! :)

  18. Thank you for this post.Very helpful advice as I attempt to use my kitchen Spiralizer for the first time. Thank you for all the suggestions and sharing your post to other users.

  19. Hi Lisa, I own the Paderno Spiralizer and have used it, yes, for mostly zucchini. One thing that was only mentioned for carrots in the video is what do you do with the core? I get a long “stem” of vegetable when spiralizing and don’t really want to waste it. Thanks, Denise

  20. Very helpful advice as I attempted to use my KitchenAid spiralizer for the first time. Somehow it didn’t go as smoothly on the red pepper :P I wonder why? LOL. Anyhow, thank you for all the great suggestions and I’ll be referring to this page again, I’m sure. Now, just to not cut my little finger again on the blade when I wash it off under the tap LOL. Eh, what’s a little blood in with the veggies ;)

    1. So glad you found it helpful, but that’s a bummer about your finger. Eeek! For the red pepper, did you make sure to use the flat blade (and not one of the spiral blades)?

  21. I see there are different models of the Paderno Spiralizer …. Is one recommended over the other?  I think I like the 4 blade fold down model but I also see one has six blades and not a fold down.

    1. I personally love the 3-blade. It has a slightly larger corer, but I find it’s the easiest. If space is an option, then a fold-down model may definitely be something to consider. It’s more personal preference than anything. :)

  22. Just bought a Paderno Spiralizer, so need lots of great ideas… So excited to give it a try… Hopefully will enhance my Low Fat, Vegan recipes…

  23. What a terrific post! I always forget about my spiralizer so this is some great inspiration. LOVE those cucumber ribbons :)

    1. Cucumber ribbons are the best and I love how they naturally curl. Thanks Tricia! :) x

  24. Great tips! I love the look of that spiralized beetroot! I’ve never thought of using beets like this, thank you :)

    1. Thanks Michelle! Spiralized beets make for such a beautiful salad. And they’re easy as you don’t have to cook them. :)

  25. Love this video! I recently cooked with sweet potato noodles and they turned out sooo good!

    1. Sweet potato noodles are a favorite of mine as well! And I’ve got a new recipe coming with them shortly! :) x

  26. This is really a fun post and video. That is the same spiralizer that I have but I hadn’t thought a spiralizing a couple of those veggies. Thanks!

    1. Thanks! And happy to provide some new spiralized veggie inspiration for you! :)

  27. I’m so glad I found this! I’ve been see-sawing back and forth to try and decide if I should get a spiralizer! I’m sold!

    1. You’ll love it! Definitely worth the purchase and it really gets your creativity juices flowing in the kitchen. ;) x

  28. I have been going back and forth on whether or not I should buy a spiralizer. I had no idea how many vegetables you can spiralize with it. Great tips and guide!

    1. It’s definitely worth it and you can do even more than what I’ve shown today. You can even spiralize cantaloupe. ;)

  29. This is brilliant! I’ve had a spiralizer for years but never considered using it for a cabbage. My coleslaw just got so much easier!!

    1. Love the Paderno Spiralizer! After trying several, it’s definitely my favorite. :)

  30. Spiralized parsnips?! What an awesome idea!!! Actually…they all sound awesome! {And suddenly I’m digging out my spiralizer haha} Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Haha – happy to provide a little inspiration! And yes, spiralized parsnips are the best. Next week I’m posting a parsnip noodle chicken alfredo that’s super delicious! :)